Proven Social Media Marketing Plan

by Franco on June 8, 2016

Quick and Effective Social Media Marketing Plan:

You can create a sustainable social media driven business from just about any niche interest you can imagine.

And if you’re serious about learning how to do that, I highly recommend the book “Crush It!” by Gary Vaynerchuk which is where the ideas in this post came from.

Content is everywhere. So are people and money. So let’s walk through this plan that allows us to pull together some tools, concepts and affiliate offers into a proven “daily method of operation” for generating leads and sales online:

Step 1. Buy your domain name. Get your or .net if it’s available. Always brand You, Inc. when you can. My full name wasn’t available when I came online so I’ve used a couple variations of my name for personal branding and my main keyword phrases for focus: and lead to my blog here, and leads into my main landing page, email list builder.

I get domains here if I’m also getting hosting to put up a blog site.
If I just need a quick domain to redirect to an affiliate link, I get them at

Step 2. Start a blog. Trust me. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube etc. are great but they’re starting to talk about online censorship and more authoritarian (damned politicians!) crap, so just know, you’re not the owner of any of these social network ghettos they’re cramming us into and you or your content can be ok today but censored or banned tomorrow if your beliefs or interests “offend” the snowflakes in the “newspeak” departments at these egg-head companies.

The solution is OWNING your own site. Nobody can take away your content or silence your speech completely if you own your own domain and your own site. I use my blog site here at as my central hub of operations. “All roads lead to Rome.” This is my city. My Rome. They can kiss my ass.

All the other content I create and share or curate on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube is designed to leverage the population pools on those networks, attract the more like-minded people and ultimately get them to my blog by way of my profiles and links in my content on social.

You see how that works?

You USE THEM just as much or maybe more than you allow them to use you. They want your eyeballs on their platform getting addicted so that over time, you see more ads, which makes them money. I think that’s fine and dandy. I’m a free enterprise, free market, entrepreneur so I get it and I’m totally in on the deal as long as I’m leveraging their platform to get people using their network to find me and my content too. I USE THEM… they use me… nobody gets hurt. I love it.

So create your blog by starting a wordpress blog or start a free blog on tumblr.

Although tumblr is a good place to start, I recommend you start your own blog using wordpress and your own domain hosting which you can get here.

You’ll sign up for a hosting plan, about $5/mth and they give you a free domain and a “one-click-install” of wordpress.

Step 3: Design a professional blog for marketing. Hire a designer to create a great looking and functional blog specifically for online marketing. You can hire me to do it by using my concierge service at Simple Freedom Elite or you can hire someone and take a gamble, hope and pray they don’t screw you over.

If you’re a die hard “do-it-yourselfer” then you can certainly do it. My blog here is using the THESIS theme and my blog here, which includes a landing page, uses THRIVE THEMES. I started with Thesis many years ago, but these days, Thrive Themes is the way to go for serious marketers.

Again, I can do this for you if you don’t want to hassle with it.

Step 4: Get a Smart Phone. If you plan on creating video content, I highly recommend you get an up to date smart phone. I use an iPhone5. Any recent smart phone will do.

Step 5: Create a Facebook fan page. I use one here to drive traffic, network and get people to my offers. It creates leads and sales for me.

Step 6: Create a Twitter account with your name is the username. Mine is @itsFranco here. I’ll show you a variety of ways to build your audience, generate traffic and leads using Twitter.

Step 7: Start creating your daily content. Strive to create something every day. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a tweet and a simple pic upload to a Facebook post, share a video from youtube or create a short video with your phone and upload to facebook and youtube. Just start pumping out content daily.

Create something every day to inform, entertain, explain, teach or share something relevant to your business. Think about ways to incorporate your daily stories and journeys into content pieces that are relevant to your business, your products or services. Be authentic. Just flow in your own, genuine personality and be you. Have a “coffee house conversation” in a video and speak directly to your potential client.

Step 8: Tweet out your link to your content. Whether it’s a link to your blog post or a video you uploaded to youtube. Share your content on all your social networks. Preferably, after uploading a video to youtube or facebook, create a blog post with your video, content, and call to action link as a blog post. Now share that blog post’s link in all your social media accounts. This gets you traffic through time. Be consistent.

Step 9: Twitter network building. Go to twitter and click on search and start searching the main keywords and hashtags relevant to your business, products, services and offers. For example, in my niche of teaching people how to make money online, I’d search keywords such as:

#socialmediamarketing, #homebusiness, #affiliatemarketing, #makemoneyonline #internetmarketing, #networkmarketing, #leadgeneration, #mlmleads, #homebusinessleads

Next, start following many of these people who are using these keywords or hashtags in their tweets. Start to @reply them after reviewing their tweet content. You can make a list like this and start to reply to tweets and jump into some conversations and threads and be positive, constructive and informative. Add value to the conversations. People who get curious about you will review your twitter profile and follow you.

If you’re consistent with this form of networking, your audience should begin to grow and as it grows that means you’ll have more and more people consuming your content as you tweet. This is how you generate traffic.

Step 10: Blog Network Building and Engagement. Now go to google and search similar keywords. Look for blogs with relevant content that are higher up on the search results (they’re getting more traffic) and begin to leave your comments on this content. Usually when you leave a comment it’ll let you leave your name and your name is usually clickable to your blog or landing page. This is how you get traffic by commenting on other people’s blogs.

Focus only on highly trafficked authority site blogs with relevant content to your business niche.

Step 11: Facebook Network Building and Engagement. Go to Facebook and search for similar keywords. Search for pages and influential leaders in your business niche. There are thousands of fan pages, some with massive audiences already engaging on this relevant content. Join as many as you want and start to engage there as well daily. Be sure to “Like” and “Comment” daily on many of these highly trafficked fan pages. Other people already in your market will see you more and more and that’s how you get people to click to review who you are on your fan page. They’ll check out your posts, pics and profile and if you make it easy to find your links, they’ll click on over. This is another way to generate traffic and meet new people daily on Facebook.

Step 12: Rinse and repeat daily.

You’ll do steps 7 through 11 every single day and you’ll love it. However, if it sounds like too much of a hassle, then just fold up the tent and quit trying to make money online because if you don’t put in the work, it won’t work for you. However, if you’re willing to put in some daily content and networking WORK, each new contact or each new conversation can lead to a new lead or sale in your business.


  1. Be sure to include a list of all of your social networking links so people find it easy to follow you on your twitter, facebook, youtube, blog and instagram etc. I created this page to do this for me here on the blog.
  2. Don’t forget to have a BIG BUTTON or LINK on your blog where people can click to sign up to your email list and click over to an offer or capture page. A popular way to do this is by having something that says: “Let’s Do Business” or “Work with Franco!” or something like that so you can capture email leads. That’s what I use Power Lead System for.

Crush It Gary Vaynerchuk

A piece of advice from Gary Vaynerchuk in his book, CRUSH IT!

“We’re thinking of this brand building as a marathon, not a sprint, right? So right now, that button will just be there as a reminder of where you’re ultimately going with your brand. It’s unlikely you’re going to get biz dev offers right off the bat, but you never know. More likely, as you build your community you will see the following progression:

** Enthusiastic fans
** Free product offers from businesses that notice your growing fan base.
** Biz Dev deals from individuals smart enough to see they need to do business with you while you’re still affordable.

Click here to review and order Gary Vaynerchuk’s book CRUSH IT!

Start Monetizing:

There are a variety of ways to start selling products, services or programs on your blog. If you’re brand new and just starting out, I recommend you don’t smash your head on the ground by trying to reinvent the wheel. There are simple and lucrative affiliate programs you can start to promote that work well. My personal favorite is this one.

But whatever you decide, just don’t waste time getting out in the market. You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going. You can always adjust as you grow.

SIMPLE FREEDOM: The Quickest Way to Start Your Online Business without Reinventing Costly, Time Consuming Wheels. Watch the video to learn more and let’s start working together:


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