Victim of Communism Reveals Antifa Lefist Agenda

by Franco on August 20, 2017

LIBERTY REPORT: Victim of Communism in Eastern Europe Reveals What the Leftist Agenda is and How They Are Using Bolshevik-Like Agitation and Intimidation Groups Like AntiFa to Shut Liberty Down and Install Leftist Totalitarianism

BROKE & POWERLESS: Is exactly how they want you. They’ll chip away at your liberty, privacy and civil rights daily, then go for the jugular and enslave you politically and economically as they take power and descend toward totalitarianism.

It’s what the communist left always does. There are no “moderates” once it starts sliding toward leftist power and control. Listen today on social media and they’re quickly bullying people and demanding they “take a side” as if they have any moral high ground at all. When they smell fear or blood, they go for the jugular. That’s what their fake news media is trying to push right now.

The way to kick their dumbshevik asses is to NEVER be broke and NEVER give up your power. You need to learn how to make money outside of the system they control and you need to engage and stay active in local, state and national politics.

They’re lazy!

They’ll get triggered on social media, organize and come out to burn their own cities down and assault people, burn flags and scream incoherent, ridiculous, profanity “leftist talking points” and chants at “protests” but here’s what they don’t do and how we just kicked their asses in November 2016:

  1. They don’t work.
  2. They don’t build businesses.
  3. They don’t raise families.
  4. They’re not informed or educated, just indoctrinated by leftists.
  5. They’re not in good health (weak, dumb, empty, fat, sloppy and on drugs).
  6. They don’t vote.

Here’s how we beat them and how you can keep kicking their ass without playing their game:

  1. Keep going to work and do your best.
  2. Keep building your businesses.
  3. Keep raising your families (super priority – they want your kids).
  4. Ignore leftist MSM media. Get informed. Stay educated. Learn history.
  5. Stay in shape. Get in shape. Physically. Mentally. Spiritually.

Don’t worry about their “street game” of “protesting” every weekend and instigating violence, assaulting people, burning up their own cities and trying everything in their Alinsky playbook to try and bait you to come out and agitate you into acting out. Don’t be a fool. Don’t play into their game. Keep your power. Don’t show your cards. Just take action where they can’t stop you: InfoWar, CultureWar and VOTE!

Stay away from being baited into their “protest” trap. That’s crap! They’re just looking for optics they can leverage against you. The media is there looking for ANYTHING they can spin. DO NOT GIVE THAT TO THEM. That’s not how we kicked their ass.

Let THEM act like fools and let it all get filmed.

The people saw them acting like dumbshevik fools last summer and fall and they remembered the enemy at the voting booth. We voted en masse and crushed them and delivered to them an historic GIANT defeat. But we did it by NOT playing their game. Don’t play their game.

Play to the strengths of liberty:

  1. Share truth.
  2. Work hard.
  3. Love your God.
  4. Love your family.
  5. Love your country.
  6. Love liberty.
  7. Ignore stupid leftist media.
  8. Love people, stay calm, smile and be respectful.
  9. And get your ass out and vote against the hate of the left.


Learn the tactics of the radical left. It’s all there.

Google: “The Frankfurt School” and “Yuri Bezmenov” and study how the communists took over Bulgaria, Russia in 1905-1917. Study Saul Alinsky, Trotsky, Lenin, Castro, Hugo Chavez, Mao, Pol Pot, North Korea and Venezuela recently. It’s all there.

They use the same tactics every single time and when you study that, you’ll see plainly how they’re using the same exact tactics here in the USA now. You’d have to be blind not to see it.

Stay smart. Stay free. Stay active and engaged.

Stay as financially independent as possible. Build cash flow. Create money OUTSIDE their rigged system. Get cash flow. Use it to get out of debt as much as you can. Teach this to others.

We have NO TIME to make this complicated.


As long as you do that, we win.

That’s what they’re so desperate about.

They know they got their asses handed to them peacefully and politically.

Build your own business.

Build your own networks with other liberty conscious people and patriots.

Trade value amongst each other.

It’s not about race, colors or creeds or where we come from, it’s about liberty, freedom, values and love of country. It’s about sticking together and loving other people. It’s about being respectful, assertive, confident, healthy and being in the service of others while living with honor.

That’s what Simple Freedom is all about.

The communist left has the backing and financing of elitists and they work hard to organize and fund raise. Their aim is to make you think you’re all alone, outnumbered and isolated.

You’re not.

Focus on building a financial fortress and using your cash flow to buy liberty, freedom and political power. We can help you with that here.

I keep all my affiliate marketing so simple and straight forward on purpose.

I know normal people from all walks of life can use our model and our online business vehicle as a tool to build cash flow and financial strength and leverage. We keep our system very simple so that millions can duplicate it. We need to keep it super simple so it can work and you can teach it to others.

Click the giant obnoxiously yellow button and learn how we can help you create cash flow online that you can use in your information war, culture war and in your mission to stay as free as possible.

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It’s straight forward…

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To liberty and freedom,




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