Van Jones of CNN and Infowars Have Heated Candid Conversation outside RNC in Cleveland

by Franco on July 21, 2016

Van Jones, Cultural Marxist, Self Avowed Communist and CNN Analyst  has Heated Candid Conversation with Infowars Outside the RNC in Cleveland Talking About What America Really is, the Problem of the Left Right Paradigm and Ends Up Supporting Many of Donald Trump Fundamental Goals To Make America Great Again…

Van Jones is thought of as a self-avowed communist, “cultural marxist” and far left activist by many people who’ve followed many of his past rants and debates found on youtube.

He’s a vocal leftist, liberal voice on CNN who has worked on the cabinet staff in the White House for Obama.

He resigned his White House position as “Czar” of green jobs back in 2009 after pressure mounted due to his past affiliations as a “black nationalist” and “communist” as well as a “9-11 Truther.”

His radical black nationalist, racist opportunist and socialist/communist back ground was exposed on many youtube videos including this one.

Van Jones Communist Simple Freedom

So when Owen Shroyer, a reporter for Infowars known as the “Cuck Slayer” located him on the streets of Cleveland outside the Republican National Convention, I assumed I was about to hear a heated debate and argument from two political extremes but what happened next was pretty surprising…

…in the end, Vance Jones sounded like he was promoting some of the main points and goals of the Donald Trump campaign.

Listen closely to the actual philosophical points he makes about working on infrastructure projects to repair American bridges, roads and other important works that both establishment parties have turned into “political ideological” obstruction points and also his views about creating more jobs for Americans by bringing back manufacturing but also dealing with the technology reality of robotics in high tech manufacturing, and you’ll hear some of Donald Trump’s own words and views.

In fact, using textbook psychological projection, when asked directly if he believes if Donald Trump is a racist, he responds that, no; he doesn’t believe Trump is racist, but he thinks Trump is worse than a racist…

…when pressed to expand on that thought he went on to explain that he believes Trump is a “race opportunist,” in that he is not himself racist, but he takes advantage of other people’s racism and leverages that for his personal gain.

It usually takes one to know one.

Van Jones Communist Socialist Not Simple Freedom

That sounds exactly like who and what Van Jones is today.

He’s still a radical. He’s still an extreme left socialist and marxist communist. He just has learned to evolve and be a more “refined” and effective “revolutionary” fighting in the public as a word smith and linguistic manipulator.

He’s learned to take baby steps in his radicalism, which you can hear him explain in this video.

He’s a skilled political communicator so if you listen close you’ll also hear his skilled strategy of “acting dumb” and pretending not to know much of anything about Hillary but seeming to know, in clear detail, almost everything about Trump’s positions.

He used this same skill when they talk about the extremes regarding Black Lives Matter rhetoric and the ongoing division between the African American community and the police. He sidesteps almost any point made about concerns regarding Black Lives Matter, acting like he wasn’t aware or “acting dumb” again, but on the other hand, seemed to know all the details when talking about the challenges on the side of the police.

So he’s a skilled political speaker and extremely quick on his feet. He’s been here before and he knows how to maneuver and not be run over by interviewers or bystander “reporters” trying to speak over him in this kind of environment.

At the end of the day, though, if you actually listen to his policy points, his views and beliefs and his focus points, you start actually hearing a different Vance Jones than the uber leftist talking point reader you hear on CNN.

He actually sounded like he was being himself and reflecting on his true views and seemed refreshed to have this open conversation and not shackled up and squeezed in the mainstream media’s box at CNN where he’s directed on which talking points to cover and limited only the narratives CNN wants to drive home and manipulate the people with.

His view in the end, matched many more actual campaign aims and goals that Donald Trump has been growing his momentum with and not at all closer to the boring, status quo of the Hillary campaign.

He may have just been “playing to the crowd” and offering some acceptable red meat chunks to appease them. Whether he was sincere or just playing to the crowd, like a slick communicator with his past challenges would have learned to do, I’ll leave up to you to decide.

More conversations like this, in the “new media” of the alternative media is what will be far more productive and respected going forward, versus the dying and blatant mind control and propaganda that is the focus of the manipulative corporate “mainstream media.”

This is why the main stream media is on its death bed, and alternative media leaders like Matt Drudge of the DrudgeReport, Infowars, Mike Cernovich, Stefan Molyneux, Paul Joseph Watson and so many others is exploding and attracting millions of people.

People inherently are attracted by candid, real, unfiltered, freedom and liberty. whether it’s their own business online, their politics and their sources for news, current affairs and media.

The liberty movement is on the march.

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