The Middle Class Squeeze

by Franco on September 29, 2015

The Wall Street Journal Knows How Much The War on the Middle Class is Destroying Families, but do you really know what they’re doing to you?

The Middle Class Squeeze


The Wall Street Journal sees something too.

While they (your favorite politician and big business corporate CEOs) get you to scream all about “democracy” and “capitalism” and “free enterprise”…. and “hope” and “change” and “Making America Great Again”… and other ridiculously manipulative slogans to pander to you…

….those hypocrits at the ultra very global top-of-the-food-chain that claim to be “capitalists” and lovers of “democracy” are really just rigging socialism (by the trillions) for themselves, while you pay for it inside their fascism (“*free* markets”).

“But, what about “democracy?”

Just look at Hillary’s eyes for what they all truly feel about giving you any kind of real “democracy.” That’s the last thing on their mind. There is no “Right” and “Left” in your political system. There is only the “Top” and the “Bottom” and they’re at the top. You’re not. Wings? The real system you’re in doesn’t have a “left wing” and a “right wing” at all. In fact, it only has two right wings. The rest of what they’ve taught you is a complete pile of lies. A heaping truck load of  political bullshit.

CLICK HILLARY: To learn how socialism and fascism is being used on you right now.

Scary Hillary Clinton

neoFASCISM + neoSOCIALISM Hybrid: That’s exactly what happens when Corporations Collude with Politicians to hijack your “Government” and use it to Enslave You:

1. FEDERAL RESERVE: The Federal Reserve prints trillions devaluing your money. How much higher has the price of eggs, milk and the rest of your food gone up while this private (non-governmental) banking institution has been printing trillions of worthless paper dollars? The more they print, the less your current money is worth and that is the real reason your prices keep going up. It’s a slick way to “tax” you in a stealth way aside from the usual way you’re getting taxed through the nose. Very dirty.

2. MONETARY SYSTEM MANIPULATION: The “Government” (big business’ maid) borrows trillions of worthless dollars at interest from “The Federal Reserve” (nothing federal about it, being that it’s a completely private cartel of banks). Trillions of dollars in “loans” at interest that the “government” (you) must pay back. Shackling generations of your family with exploding debt and taxation.

3. SOCIALISM FOR BIG BUSINESS: YES I just said “socialism for business” and it’s not an oxymoron. The “Government” (your politicians bought by big business) then gives these bailouts back to the very same big businesses that created and perpetuated financial fraud on you to cover for their incompetence, malfeasance and outright financial frauds (at near zero interest). And then the “government” (you) are ordered to pay for it (endless taxes).

4. FASCISM FOR YOU: The “Government” (big business and their politician puppets that you love so much) then taxes you up the ass in direct taxes, indirect taxes, and inflation (the biggest tax of all). And while crushing you with taxes, they also start stripping every single form of social liberty you thought you had. A police state of never ending surveillance is created to monitor you and watch every step you take. And if you step out of line even just remotely, you get put in jail. Anything at all to create a file for you in the criminal justice system so they can take your voting rights away easily. Nice way to thin the herd. “Yay land of the free!”

5. WAR ON THE MIDDLE CLASS. You get pummeled (enslaved) economically but are still taxed more so that you can pay for all the corporate and military welfare socialism money they get from the “Government.” And big business (and your favorite political party masters) keep selling your ass out and eliminating your jobs while they shift labor to places where it’s basically slave wage city.

THE SHAM PART 1: THEY GET EVERYTHING THEY WANT from the “Government.” (Socialism for them “by the trillion”).

THE SHAM PART 2: YOU PAY FOR IT (“government”) and COMPETE FOR DIMINISHING WAGES AND DEAD END JOBS (Fascism for you: Rigged *Free* Markets for you + a police state to make sure you don’t get too pissed off. Yippee!)

American Corporate Fascism Socialism


1. WHY DO THEY DO THIS? What do “Global Business Corporations” do with all the free trillions they get from the “Government” (socialism = corporate welfare)?

2. TO BUY MORE ELECTIONS: They use billions from their trillions to buy elections and teach you (through campaigns and ads and pundits and mass media) to fear at all costs any kind of “government program” or “welfare” or “social democracy,” and that we can’t afford any kind of social programs at all including basic health care, education, higher wages, the slightest protection of your jobs etc.

Doing ANYTHING remotely close to actually helping “You, The People” is absolutley dangerous and “socialistic” or even “Marxist” and “communistic.” How dare you think we can use our immense wealth and our own money printing press to actually get more economic power directly to the people? That’s crazy.

A healthy economy runs best when the people are economically successful and take their cash flow and buy stuff with it. So it’s perfectly clear, logical and completely rational that the last thing you want to actually do is to take a tiny piece of those trillions and give it directly to the people to empower them. Only a lunatic would think that way. “Power to the People?” Nobody really meant that shit!

Instead, you have to give ALL the trillions ONLY to the top tiny fraction of ultra wealthy elite and let them have it because then, of course, it will eventually trickle down to “the rabble” (you and me) at the bottom and they’ll spend it to keep the economy moving. You must absolutely feed the ultra rich with it first. That’s the secret sauce. It’s the only way. Only the most inefficient way works.

Because, we simply “can’t afford” to do it any other way. It’s for “the good of the people.” We’ll just keep them stressed out, taxed to the max, drowning in debt and completely financially enslaved… because we love them. And we love “democrazy.”

“Economically empowering the people directly? No way. We can’t afford those things for you… we’re broke!” Is what they claim… as they bend you over and tax the shit out of you to get even more trillions and have you pay the interest on it all.

3. TO TAKE MORE MONEY FROM YOU. Why do they buy politicians and elections? So they can create and implement policies where they can get even more money from you and more control of you.

4. SO THEY CAN BUY EVEN MORE POLITICIANS. And what do they do with even more money? Further buy up more politicians and elections… why not, right? “Let’s see how many times we can go around the block without these marks figuring out the sham.”

5. SO THEY CAN TAKE EVEN MORE MONEY FROM YOU. Then what? Then they have enough political influence to take it from Wall Street and “The Capitol” and bring their fascism to your “Main Street” and they take over your schools and local politics too. They want it ALL. And you’re going to give it to them. It’s “the American way.”




And then of course, there’s our wonderful “Education System” (indoctrination camps). That’s where we send all our children so the “Government” can teach them just how bad making money is (while they work with big business and banksters to steal as much as they can, as fast as they can from the people). Money is “bad” for the people. But all they do is focus on how to get more money, how to create more money and how to control the mechanisms of creating and moving money.

They also tell you to focus “on your work.” No need to get too politically active. Politics is a waste of time! You know, because, politics is just a show on TV. And as they tell you NOT to “worry” about wasting your time on politics, they spend BILLIONS buying politicians and rigging elections. It takes a special kind of hypocrit doesn’t it? Hint: Get active. Organize. Mobilize. Educate.

There is a big reason they don’t want you focusing on the ONLY TWO THINGS they seem to focus on:

  1. Money
  2. Political activism.


Business? Pretty much all about money.

Elections? Everyone knows elections are all about money.

Education? Everyone knows the more money, the “better” the schools (think Ivy League here).

Big Oil? Control of natural resources is purely all about money.

Feeding the poor? You can’t do it without money.

Spirituality? What church or religion doesn’t focus on getting more and more money?

Spiritual Enlightement? Can you even afford to go on one of those expensive “meditation & granola” retreats? Couple grand just to get to play with the rich hippies too.

Hospitals & Health Care? Takes LOTS of money.

Fire Departments and Public Safety? Yeah. Money helps us pay for safety and security too.

Water? Do you drink your tap water (which is not free) or do you buy water with money?

Housing? I’ve not met the carpenter yet that can build a home for the homeless without money.

So, if money is absolutely critical for all these important aspects of a well run society, why is “We, The People” the only group that is “educated” to think that money is bad and even the “root of all evil?”

And isn’t that a fascinating question?

The fact is that you’ve been lied to and you know it.

Deep down inside, you’ve always known something you’ve been taught just didn’t seem right. Something was off. Something felt hypocritical. And that’s because it was. It was a pack of lies. It wasn’t “education” but rather indoctrination. You’ve been brainwashed to believe things they want you to believe, my friend.

If money is needed to create what society needs anyway, then it’s not a bad thing for you to figure out how to have more of it in your own life. You already know this. No debate is needed here. You know your life could be improved if you had access to more money, cash flow and income.

In fact, it’s absolutely amazing that even with as little as just an extra $1,500 per month into a normal family’s monthly budget, millions of lives can be improved. The living conditions, health, peace of mind and morale of society would absolutely take a quantum shift to the positive, with just an extra little $1,500 per month in cash flow. That’s EMPOWERING.

And that’s the primary reason they really don’t want you to have it.

For some insane reason, they seem to just not want you to be empowered, in any meaningful way whatsoever. They prefer to have you disoriented, dazed, stressed, confused, financially enslaved, bickering, arguing and fighting your fellow man for scraps and completely controlled by them. They want you to be obedient and scared. Not empowered and free.

It’s far better for them to have you more dependent on their authority and control.

With that, they can change the controls of everything.

It’s what I call: The Sheeple Economy.

The people are transformed into little economic puppets. Completely hypnotized, sedated, rocked to sleep.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

But, what about solutions? Not everyone is taking this fight sitting on their ass, are they?

Actually, no. A small but growing group of liberty and freedom conscious people are sharing a little known and legal loophole to take back their power and actually thrive in this very environment.

READ MORE: Why this industry’s most conservative leader states, “This is working so well for normal, every day families, we must let the masses know of it!” What is this little-known method that’s solving people’s financial crisis?

“And in other news…”

Everybody talks about the crisis and the problems, but nobody ever gives you a glimpse at a realistic, practical solution that can work for you and millions of others… until today. Here’s some good news. This is a solution that’s working for thousands.

People are waking up by the tens of thousands and they’re fighting back. It’s exactly why our online concept is booming. The masses have no choice. To fight back against the people waging war on the middle class and to change their miserably stressful living conditions, they have to think outside the box and use alternative ways…

If the #1 weapon in the War on the Middle Class is taking cash flow and economic power away from you, shouldn’t the best weapon to win the war be to help create alternative ways to take that economic power back? You have to create more cash flow outside of their corrupt system. It’s that simple. Click here for details.

So, is this really factual news? Is this really happening? In short, yes. Yes it is happening. I see it happening every day. But don’t take my word for it. Click here and let The Wall Street Journal itself teach you what’s really going on.

Whatever you choose to do with this information, I wish you all the absolute best. I know you definitely deserve it. I would just ask that you don’t just sit on your ass on  this, though. It’s important that you actually do something. If anything, just share this crazy ass (but accurate article) with other people on your Facebook network. Something simple. Don’t just sit on your ass and take this beating.

Don’t be enslaved.

Get up and fight for your liberty or support other people who do.


text me at: 760-271-2810

P.S. ABOUT YOUR BRAINWASHING: So, I don’t know how long you’ve been mesmerized by the lies of the mainstream media. It usually takes a while to get over the shock and disbelief when you find out just how much they’ve been lying to you all your life and just how deep they’ve been implanting all their propaganda into your mind. But if you’re seeking truth and you’re interested in learning how this world really works, then click around this blog. We cover the true stories that matter. The ones that are ignored by the lame stream propaganda media

SOLUTIONS: One of the things you’ll notice is that most media outlets only give you the bad news. You get all the problems but rarely any solutions. We’re different. We give you access to real information and real analysis from alternative sources that explain things from a deeper perspective, but we don’t just stop there. We have solutions that can help you take control of your life. And they’re not complicated. Click below to learn more about empowering yourself.

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Simple Freedom NOTEAs we have been warning, right now in America, the highest levels of government and the banking system are locked in an all out war against you and everyone else in the middle class in an effort to completely enslave you financially…

When their political and economic war policies hit (from the cronies in both parties), you could suddenly be locked out of your bank account… unable to withdraw cash or use your credit card… your empolyment environment will be sent into chaos… your Social Security checks will pile up unopened on your kitchen table… no one will cash them… Go here now for the full story and protect yourself.


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