Stop Wasting Your Time on Crumbs and Get PAID XXL Instead

by Franco on January 29, 2018

TACTICAL SESSION: Stop Wasting Your Time on Crumbs and GET PAID XXL CASH FLOW NOW Instead – Here’s a Better Model…

MLM Slaves MLM Model Obsolete Online Simple Freedom Academy

Simple Freedom Academy Get Paid Big Up Front No MLM Slave

Far too many people work hard for crumbs instead of real cash flow…

It’s fine and dandy to learn how to create a little $10 commission online.

But that’s not what’s going to allow you to replace your job.

Neither is some “dead man walking” MLM comp plan deal where you’re totally dependent on waiting for other people to actually do something that kicks off passive cash flow to you… those plans don’t work because of social media and the internet…

Why do you think you see so many “6 figure leaders” bouncing around so much from deal to deal and taking secret payoffs to shill the new MLM (pump and dump bizop) of the week all the time?¬†And they only do it for 18 months (because that’s when the contact runs out and they start shopping around for a new one).

You know what product they are “selling” to the next program owners?

It’s NOT them and their “skills”… it’s YOU and all the sheep who keep following them around to new deals. (so obvious)… You’re not the affiliate, or even the customer in their eye. You’re actually the product being bought and sold… like cattle… or… slaves.

Stop being their “product.”

Ben Garrison Citizen Cattle Liberty Movement Simple Freedom Infowars

People like that NEVER had to move programs before.


They’re shilling a new deal every 18 months (when their old secret contract deal ends)…

Haven’t you seen that?

So, it’s obvious that model is obsolete in this new global economy and entrepreneurial marketplace and it’s going through deep, serious structural damage in a changed global market that works at the speed of “how fast can we slap this new deal’s website together and do a live stream to pump and dump it?”

Times change.

Models get outdated.

You need to get PAID now and not waste your time shilling something that’s going to be cut to pieces and resold every 12 to 18 months.

And you need something stable that is built for the long haul so you can actually anchor down and build something legit.

And then celebrate the leverage of replication and duplication as it comes in from building a great culture and environment, but to count on it first is business suicide these days.

You’re not going to build freedom chasing outdated compensation plans that don’t work on the back end. If the “big leaders” are planning to shop and sell your whole team every 18 months into some new deal, why waste your money and energy working like an egyptian slave to build their pyramid for nothing? Be smart.

That’s why you need something that gives you most of the cash flow up front…


…still delivers powerful leverage on the back end…

…but doesn’t leave you stranded if people decide to bail out for the new shiny object every month.


It’s even better when the actual product you buy…

…makes you even more than the “plan”…

That’s why we combined all that into this simple system right here.

Watch this and you’ll see all these elements in play.

We built this to pay YOU big… first.

Let’s do this.

See you inside,


Go here and watch this quick video.

Put $100 in your pocket on every single $150 sale and stop wasting your time with penny programs that will NEVER get upgraded. People buy the tiny levels and NEVER move. Bad model.

DirectMONEY Video Here:

Stop wasting time.

Yes… I have a funnel and the traffic for you.

Just getPAID already.

Simple Freedom Academy Marketing Funnel Launch



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