by Franco Gonzalez on October 11, 2021

You can't change people, so don't drive yourself crazy trying. Instead just change how you deal with them, or just stay away from them.

You just can’t change them.

They will end up draining all the life force and productive energy from you like a vampire.

And position themselves as the victim while you’re the one to blame.

Energy vampires.

Not worth it.

It’ll drive you nuts. You’re seriously think something is wrong with you, because they fly back and forth from “loving and adorable, to freaking psycho neurotic” on you every few days. You’ll feel like YOU are the crazy one.

You’re not.

It’s part of narcissism.

And you can’t do shit about that.

It’s their mess and they know it.

You’re just the new host organism they’ve landed on like a parasite.

Learn this and adjust before it’s too late.

Stop sacrificing your life and stop martyring yourself in the hopes people will change.


Become a higher value man for yourself.

Follow your purpose and build a lifestyle you get joy and fulfillment from.

Have passions, pursue your hobbies, have fun, do the things in work and recreation that bring you happiness and challenge and move you toward higher value styles of life but don’t do it for anyone else but you.

Focus on YOUR change.
Focus on building YOUR peace of mind and YOUR life style…

…let those who organically and authentically fit inside that frame: in.

You will see the byproduct of this focus is that you’ll begin to attract higher quality options into your life and the people who you attract will be attracted to you and the things you love doing.

They will fit better into your life should you choose to pursue longer term relationships, etc.

Chasing people will never bring you peace.

Fixing the broken will never work.

Trying to save people with too many red flags already and decades of established ego and living patterns and toxic patterns, toxic pasts toxic people from their past still present in their lives will never bring you peace; just more toxicity, drama, chaos, stress and massive amounts of wasted time and resources.

Build you.

Can’t save everyone my friend.

Save you.

Join the Simple Freedom Club here.

It’s about MINDSET and SKILL SET.

We teach and focus on both.

The desired outcome of your membership in our club is to create:

Cash Flow Independence and Time Freedom.

We’ve been teaching how for 20 years full time.

We are side hustle experts.

Build it from home while you work on your job or career.

Increase your own value, stack cash flow, build your own life style.

Review the club and join me here.

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Stevenblins January 1, 2022 at 8:09 am

Белт-лайт представляет собой 2-х или 5-ти жильный провод с равномерно расположенными на нем патронами для ламп с цоколем Е27. В народе его также называют гирляндой с лампочками, ретро гирляндой
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Davidthami January 1, 2022 at 6:39 am

При обращении к нам вы получаете качественные отработанные технологии. Особое внимание уделяется материалам, используемым в процессе производства мебели. Предпочтение отдаётся натуральной древесине и качественному текстилю.
Мы поможем вам в подборе качественной, удобной и престижной мебели!
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К основным видам мебели для гостиной относятся следующие:
• Столы
Компактные кофейные и журнальные столики подходят для расположения журналов, цветов, телевизионных пультов, а также организации чаепитий. Столы-тумбы необходимы для установки телевизоров, музыкальных центров и иной техники.

Robertsag January 1, 2022 at 5:00 am

Также, вы

всегда можете рассчитывать на готовые наборы для технического обслуживания.
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проверенными и авторитетными импортерами оригинальных деталей.

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