Smart Phone Mobile Marketing Traffic and Lead Conversion Strategies

by Franco on May 7, 2018

SMART PHONE MARKETING: Mobile Marketing Tool and Strategies to Generate More Traffic, Collect More Leads and Convert More Sales in Your Business

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SMS PHONE LEADS: Smarter Marketing for Your Smart Phone…

Smart Phone Marketing Number:

Start by dialing that number and listening to the short, 3 minute message so you can get a feel for what you can do with this mobile marketing tool.

Smart Phone Marketing Funnel:

These are the two “smart phone marketing funnels” I’ve connected to the SMS Phone Leads mobile marketing number. It’s pretty simple.

All my marketing messages contain my Mobile Marketing number + Website Link.

Online on social media or offline on promotions.

Post cards, business cards etc.

I mention the number in videos, emails, texts, tweets, everywhere!

People dial that number and listen to the message 24/7.

The message directs them to my website marketing system (funnel).

I follow up with interested, serious prospects.

That’s it.

I promote:

The Mobile Marketing Number on everything.
My website link on everything.


GET SMS Phone Leads at:

Easy1Up SMS Cell Phone Marketing System Vertex Lead System

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Smart Phone Marketing: HOW IT WORKS…

1. You get a 24/7 Mobile Number.
2. You put your “sizzle” message on it.
3. People listen to your message.
4. The message invites them to visit your website (funnel).
5. Auto sends a text message to all callers.
6. Auto sends text message to all texters.
7. You get their texts and vm’s and can engage using your phone.
8. Put your number on social media.
9. Put your number on YT vid descriptions.
10. Put your number on biz cards.
11. Put your number on post cards.
12. Promote your number on everything.
13. Additional Numbers just $5.

JUST $20 bucks
JUST $9.95 for scripts

Get SMS Phone Leads Here

ONE TIME: No monthly fees.

Affiliates get 100% commission.

Combine with our Smart Phone Funnel for more $$$.

VLS: Vertex Lead System.


FACTS: Make this a no brainer…

100% Commissions.
No monthly fees.
Passive income.
Affordable: $25 low level (anyone can get started).
Full Time: $500, $1,000 $2000
Direct Pay + Company Processes.

Simplicity and High Direct Cash.

Smart Phone Text Marketing Training Simple Freedom Smart Phone Marketing Training

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