Simple Freedom Offline Post Card Prospecting Tools

by Franco on June 2, 2014

Does Your Team Offer Offline Tools for Lead Generation?

Simple Freedom Offline Post Card for Lead Generation

Lead Generation Offline Tools include Post Cards, Business Cards, Booklets and Recorded Info Lines

People keep asking…

“Franco, how in the world do you stay so consistent in generating over 60 personal sales (2 per day on avg) into your business, and any program or offer you decide to market?”

And I just say…

“I’ll get back to you, I’m busy generating leads and building my list. But I try to just keep it simple and I simply do not stop doing simple stuff daily…”

1. I use team leverage too. Over 50,000 people will be receiving a simple post card offering them an info pack like this… I mail just 5,000 myself, while my team mails little amounts here and there and my business as a whole, enjoys a production of work effort of over 50,000 cards mailed. Leverage.

2. I use that card’s image in my online email follow up and offer it to leads I generate daily online from internet “Direct Response” marketing and social networking (like this here) which I call, “Getting Leads and Making Money While You Teach and Share Cool Ideas with people”…

3. I employ the massive leverage of a business model where I can create an idea out of thin air and share it with my Simple Freedom Club of Entrepreneurs and in a matter of moments, not only I, but an army of over 2,000 people are getting my idea to market at the speed of “Clicking Post” on facebook, “Clicking Send” in emails and posting it on social media, in their videos, blogs and (gasp!) sharing the idea offline where people tend to roam around…

Most people go to work, clock in, work, clock out, wait for a paycheck.

That’s cool! I did it too and you should do it to the ABSOLUTE BEST of your ability and figure out how to do it for more and more money by rendering a more valuable service to your employer…

However, YOU putting in a 40 hour work week is all you got to make money.

My “work week” stretches into over 1,000s of hours because my “make money” model leveraged a few focused hours from 1000s of people.

2,000 people on a team each putting in just 5 hours a WEEK of income producing effort equals: My “workweek” is 10,000 hours vs your 40.

…and now you see why I do this and why you should at least think about doing it too, at least part time, on the side for a while…

…you can begin to build up that kind of EXPLOSIVE action focused on creating you a side cash flow…

Because, let’s keep it real…

YOU can get fired, right-sized, sick, injured, canned, laid off etc at ANYTIME and if that is your ONLY way to feed your family it’s not safe, secure or smart these days and its VERY RISKY.

Where me…

Who can fire me?

As long as I have a product or service to sell to people…

And as long as I know how to get a message in front of people who I know are already buying that kind of product or service…

Who can fire me?

Nobody, that’s who.

That’s a lot more “safe and secure” and it’s (in my opinion) smarter too.

And here’s the bonus…

Who can fire my team of 2,000+?

It’s about leverage.

It’s about working within what this world is already giving you… and simply utilizing the tools of your time.

It’s not 1976 anymore, so I invite people to stop “making money” like it still was 1976. That’s not the only way. You have immense power these days and it’s simple and affordable to get started and to maintain.

THAT mindset and THAT belief and THAT vision (I can help 10,000s of people learn this and help them to change their lives. It’s my responsibility to do it to the best of my ability!) THAT is really why I can generate 2 sales per day every day in my business and share that skill set and production with my Simple Freedom Team.

Who else wants to learn how to do this a million easy “Insanely Simple” ways from Sunday?

We’ve got a sexy little, hard charging #90in90 “90 Day Challenge Run” going on right now and I’m committed to teaching more than I ever have in my life, and doing more than I ever have in my life to help my teammates win and transform themselves, their lives and the lives of others… and you my friend, are invited to simply learn a bit more about what we’re doing, how we’re doing it and why.

If you’re still reading this marathon, click the link and… you never know… lives often change after simply decisions are made acting on whims of ideas that pop in our mind… here you go:

Simple Freedom Offers Complete Offline Lead Generation Tools for our Network Marketing Team

Simple Freedom Post Cards Booklets by Jeremy Neal

How To Use Offline Direct Response Post Cards & Booklets in Network Marketing

SPECIAL TEAM ONLY TRAINING: I’m going to share with you a powerful training we gave our team on how to use offline lead generation and prospecting tools like post cards, business cards and booklets, while they build their online marketing skills, generate online leads and build their email follow up lists…

Guys, I kept it real simple: I went to Vista Print and used their BLANK TEMPLATE to start “designing” this simple “DIRECT RESPONSE PROSPECTING POST CARD” and DIRECT RESPONSE PROSPECTING BUSINESS CARD”….

The GOAL of these little cards is to make people want to get to that link. So I offered something FREE and tangible… a FREE REPORT on the “easiest way to create cash online”

Once I had the words and the pics on the blank white template, I couldn’t figure out how to make the whole thing BLACK in back ground and WHITE in writing… so… I got depressed and chased my sponsor around for 6 weeks trying to have someone do it for me…



I called vista print support and asked them how to do it…



1. I’m an “online marketer” so in my follow up emails and contacts with leads I generate online, they will receive them via follow up email… Because I can easily take a pic of them and store that on my desktop for EASY online sharing…

2. My leads online will receive an offer to receive a “Special Training Packet” in the mail and I’ll simply mail it to the ones who give me their mailing address. SIMPLE!

3. I’ll post the image on facebook periodically… to get leads!

4. OFFLINE: (granted I’m at a point in my business I don’t have to do this, but I will… only to show you that I’m committed to doing whatever it takes WITH YOU) I’m going to do EXACTLY what I used to do to find leads for selling real estate:

a.) I’m mailing them to mlm leads I buy.
b.) I’m conveniently forgetting them at restaurants, the bank, book stores etc. Get creative.

c.) I’m giving them to ANYONE I spark up a conversation with.

d.) You can do what I did: Canvass a neighborhood and lead these at the door or wherever it’s EASY for them to “find them” (car driver side windows with tiny piece of tape etc works!)

(To generate my first leads in real estate and in mlm I used to “walk the neighborhood, say “Hi!” and simply let the neighbors know, “This little card will come in handy one day… simple way to get cash online… free info… later, have a great day!”)

KEEP IT INSANELY SIMPLE, because THAT is what attracted you to us and will attract others to you. 


1. They were INSANELY SIMPLE to design and receive.
2. They were CHEAP.
3. They didn’t have to be ROCK STAR FANCY. Simple message goes to work.

4. EASY to share online in a BUNCH of creative ways: Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Blogging, Video Blogging, Email, Follow Up Offers etc etc etc.

5. EASY to share OFFLINE in a whole host of ways!

6. EASY to mail to mlm or biz op leads you buy.

7. Even Vista Print offers to sell you a mailing list and mail for you (although that gets pricey and not too targeted, but hey, for those with more money than time, who doesn’t want an easy way to create cash online, right?)

This 90 Day Challenge Run is about this:

2. SPEED!!!

So just keep asking your subconscious mind:


Click here for more Free Training on Simple Ways to Make Money Online


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This design is steller! You certainly know how to
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