Simple Freedom and the Predictions For What Education and Employment Disruption Actually Looks Like

by Franco on April 6, 2016

Simple Freedom and the Future of Education and Employment Disruption

Predictions for What Education and Employment Disruption Looks Like to the Corporate, Employment and Political Establishment.

“Every revolution was once a thought in one man’s mind, and when the same thought occurs to another man, it is the key to that era.” — Emerson

The future of work and learning are integrally linked, in ways you aren’t expecting. Here are 12 ways we will see that transpire, in predicted order of mainstream dissemination.

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Eric Worre Enough is Enough

After watching this video and reviewing the original article you’ll see how what “contrarians” are predicting will happen in the future of education and employment, we’ve already been experiencing and implementing here at Simple Freedom.

We’re ahead of the curve. What we call common sense and an answer that actually helps people develop alternative ways to build a healthier lifestyle focusing on freedom, liberty and free enterprise, other people use sophisticated words and phrases to describe:

Educational System Contrarianism
Self Management
Future of work
System Disruption
Incentive Competitions 
Future of Employment 
Medium YourHireSelf


We’re ahead of the predictions and we’ve been out here in the wilderness screaming into the wind about where the education system was going, how it was becoming obsolete for millions of people and also how the elites have been transforming it into a political radical leftist indoctrination system to program globalist, socialist collective ideologies into youth and not to educate them or equip them with the skills to thrive in today’s economy.

Our answer is more direct and makes more sense to real people in today’s economy.

FIRE THE MIDDLEMAN. That’s the basic concept. When you learn the skills to create your own work and create your own cash flow in today’s economy, you simply do not need the massive political chaos and control of the mainstream employment and establishment political system to control, manage and rule your life.

Learn more about the Simple Freedom Movement here. It’s about freedom, liberty and free enterprise.

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