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by Franco on July 26, 2020

RED PILL List Building: Alpha Male Business is the Missing link to a Red Pill Side Hustle Solution that Simple Freedom Club Brings to You Alpha Male Manosphere Red Pill Content Creators and Consumers

Simple Freedom Club is synergy and a brotherhood where Alpha Male Red Pill Aware Men Create Legit Side Hustle Businesses that Create Cash Flow Independence.

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The #1 skill set I learned that truly allowed me to create cash flow independence in a Alpha Business and Red Pill side hustle way was mastering independent lead generation and list building.

Once I learned how to build my own email list from scratch using cold traffic, I was off to the races and not codependent anymore on any middlemen.

It was simple too.

Not complicated.

You get total control.

You can now create leads anytime you want from cold traffic.

And because it’s designed to create leads from cold traffic, your social media traffic and warm traffic convert well with this too.

From inside your own email list you can then follow up and direct leads into whatever offer you want.

This is an independent form of affiliate marketing and you can structure it to create cash flow from anywhere in the world, at any time.

It’s a truly #CashFlowIndependent way to build a side hustle business.

What I love about this model is that it is totally synergistic with all other aspects of a truly Red Pill Aware lifestyle and works well with the Free Agent Lifestyle, Alpha Male Strategies, Simple Freedom Lifestyle and Strong Successful Male strategies and brotherhoods now growing exponential followings online.

Hell, this side hustle model is even effective with the MGTOW culture and for men going their own way; however they want to define it.

It just flat out works.

Stop living inside this beta, blue pill, simp-ish culture of codependence and male (masculine) bashing the establishment has set up.

Stop allowing “society” to play you so completely.

It’s so full of obvious hypocrisy.

On one hand, they protray you as a complete, stupid bafoon in the media that needs a mommy to survive in life.

On the other hand, at the same time, they use you like crazy to help support them with your work, your skills, your work ethic, your commitment and your focus.

Then once you get all used up, debt ridden, and they become accustomed to you, you get tossed like garbage and replaced with a younger, dumber idiot.

And if at any time, their own stupid decisions and impulsive emotions get their life wrecked, it’s always your fault too.

Blue Pill society is playing you for a fool, men.

And most of the time, the very same fools getting played are the ones who defend the people playing them. They play “white knights” and these beta male, blue pill simps act like crabs in a bucket pulling each other down, hating on each other and being divided, in a futile competition to get pats on the head, attention and belly rubs from manipulaters, liars and players.

You need to realize how this system is setup to play you and make a decision to optimize human nature to your advantage.

Don’t stay angry.

Don’t get nihilistic.

Don’t stay defeated.

Go through your “Red Pill Rage” phase but work to get over it and focus on what matters most to your life.

Focus on getting back in line with your purpose.

Focus on self improvement.

Focus on increasing your value.

Focus on increasing your skill sets.

Focus on getting back into the gym and getting as healthy and fit as possible.

Focus on your cash flow.

Focus on decreasing your debt.

Focus on your passions, interests and hobbies.

As you increase your own value, you’ll appreciate living life inside your purpose and that in itself with help you to attract higher quality options into your life.

Elevate your own quality.

Increase your own value.

Get your shit together.

Get happy living a more alpha lifestyle.

Embrace the wisdom, peace, quite and freedom of a red pill aware mindset and lifestyle.

And you will, by default, attract higher quality options into your life.

My specialty is in teaching freedom seeking entrepreneurs how to create cash flow systems online.

That’s my red pill strength.

Building “Alpha Businesses” and “Red Pill Side Hustles” is my passion.

For the other aspects of red pill awareness and alpha male manosphere content I’ll refer you to the podcasts and youtube channels I follow (see links above).

They have helped me immensely in elevating my own value and improving my own quality of life and I know they’ll help you step into a better version of yourself as well.

At Simple Freedom Club our focus is on helping to build higher quality men.

As we build higher quality men, anyone else that benefits from truly higher quality men, will be happy.

So anyway, learn to build your own targeted email lists with your own independent lead generation funnels.

If you follow my methods, you’ll get solid results from using my own Simple Freedom Traffic.

They were designed to work well together.

This gives you a complete, A to Z method of creating cash flow online from scratch with the fewest “middlemen” as possible.

Join Simple Freedom Club free here if you are not already a member.

Grab Power Lead System gold membership here to create funnels.

Get Simple Freedom Traffic here to fuel your list building.

Grab the Simple Freedom Podcast here to stay in touch from anywhere.

See you on the next post.


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