Mobile Marketing Scripts Done For You

by Franco on May 21, 2018

Mobile Marketing Scripts: Done For You So You Can Create More Traffic and Faster Sales from Lead Flow…

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Grab your mobile marketing scripts.

So I uploaded the scripts in the Simple Freedom Mastermind Facebook Group. Just get in there and click on the FILES section and you’ll see them there. Both the audio recording scripts and the text message autoresponse scripts are there. You just upload them into your SMS Phone Leads account and you’re set.

You can use the SMS Phone Leads mobile marketing tool and system to promote into anything. If you want to model the way I’m using it then you’ll need to review this funnel.

I use it to direct leads into the Vertex Lead System which sells Easy1Up.

That way it keeps everything pretty simple and you get 100% commission on a variety of product packages so it’s significant cash flow for your efforts.

You’ll need these three tools to link it up the way I have it:

  1. SMS Phones Leads: Mobile Marketing Number.
  2. Vertex Lead System: You want the RESELLER level there.
  3. Easy1Up: Any level will do. The higher the level the more you get paid.

This way you’re doing affiliate marketing in a way where you do not have any monthly fees and you earn 100% commissions on every sale. More profits, less drama for the same effort. Smart business.

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Easy1Up Capture Page Power Lead System Simple Freedom

Simple Freedom Academy Get Paid Big Up Front No MLM Slave



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