Internet Marketing Back to Basics 3 of 3 Paid Traffic

by Franco on April 23, 2016

Internet Marketing Back to Basics Video 3 of 3 PAID TRAFFIC

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Getting traffic is the easy part of internet marketing in our niche and in this training I’ll introduce you to three paid traffic methods that are simple to do even if you’re just getting started:

  1. Automated Traffic Buys. Just order.
  2. Email Solo Ads traffic generation: Leverage and market into other people’s email lists.
  3. Facebook Traffic Generation: Build an Audience. Advertise to it.

So let’s talk a little bit about these methods.

  1. Automated Traffic Buys. This is simple, fast and duplication friendly. You set a monthly marketing budget. You order traffic. You follow up with leads.

All you need for this is a marketing budget and a link to a capture page.

Simple Freedom Power Lead System Paid Traffic

2. Email Solo Ads: This form of advertising is simple and makes sense. There are people out there in your niche who have already built a large list of buyers for whatever you’re selling.

An email solo ads is an email promotion with your link to your lead capture page, sent to the list of a professional list owner who receives a fee in return for sending your email to his/her list.

So in this method you simply pay the owner of the list a fee per click and give them your email ad. They send your email to their list and if their subscribers like your ad and click on the link, you get traffic. Simple.

3. Facebook Advertising. The facebook paid traffic generation two-step. The first step is running an ad campaign designed to get “LIKES” to your fan page. The goal is to target this traffic specifically to potential buyers of your niche product or service. Build your audience by running this “LIKES” campaign in the back ground of the rest of the things you do on your facebook fan page as per our training in video 2.

Now that you’re growing an audience and delivering valuable content to them, you can also start running paid promotions and posts designed to convert your existing audience into leads in your sales funnel.

There are many other ways to advertise and generate paid traffic using facebook, but this is a very simple, ever green approach that’s been proven effective. It works. Here’s the gist of it again in two steps:

a.) Build Audience: Using “LIKE” campaign to targeted people.

b.) Run Paid Promotion Posts with call to action to your audience.

If you do these methods correctly and consistently, you may not need any other forms of traffic generation to have enough people to talk to about your products, services or programs.

Keep it simple and take massive action.

Allow the law of averages and the law of numbers to work in your favor and focus in on your own personal brand and on servicing your prospects and customers as best as possible.

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