How to Monetize Your Social Media Posting

by Franco on March 21, 2018

VIDEO SESSION: How to Monetize Your Social Media Posting and Networking

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GAME PLAN: Here’s a Playbook You Can Use to Monetize Your Social Networking

  1. Build your audience daily by engaging others.
  2. Setup your facebook profile for business (attraction marketing).
  3. Create 5 new friends daily no matter what.
  4. Create 1 fresh piece of value focused content.
  5. Share entertaining or educational content by others.
  6. Email your list to your daily piece of content.

Smart Social Media Marketing and Networking. Monetizing your social media networking and posting doesn’t have to be complicated but it does have to be consistent. Network and engage with other people’s posts daily. Spend more time engaging on OTHERS’ content versus just on your own facebook timeline.

Build an Audience by Engaging More with Others. Post 2-3 times daily on your own facebook wall but spend the majority of time engaging other people’s posts and be uplifting, authentic, genuine and positive. Do not be personally or specifically negative, rude or condescending with people even if expressing opposing opinions. Be tactful. Find common ground with others. This will help you attract others versus repel them.

Mobilize Your Audience with Simple Links and Invites. Your own posts on your wall should contain subtle and simple links and invitations to your own content on your blog, youtube channel or funnels. This is how people will find your links and content as they come to “check you out” from having noticed you commenting and engaging on their own posts.

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