How Jared Kushner Won the White House for Donald Trump Using Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing Skills

by Franco on November 22, 2016

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: (video) How Jared Kushner Used Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing Skills & Strategy to Win Donald Trump the White House…

Mr. Jared Goes to Washington…

DrudgeReport center page stated: “Mr. Jared Goes to Washington” on this exclusive interview published by Forbes written by Steven Bertoni.

Drudge Report Mr Jared Goes to Washington

Covers how a 35 year old real estate mogul, inexperienced in political campaigning, focused on Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing skill sets and helped Donald Trump win the Presidency of the United States.

Great information in this interview for anyone thinking about, or already involved in social media marketing, internet marketing and entrepreneurship.

READ MORE: Full report of exclusive interview on Forbes here…

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