Can’t Buy A Home? That’s the Idea and Here’s Why

by Franco on February 25, 2018

TRUTH SERUM: Can’t Buy A Home? That’s the Idea and Here’s Why

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Message to Young People (Millenials)

You’re being played as a fool.

You’ve been sold a ton of garbage by the people “educating” you all your life.

All this fake “social justice warrior” bullshit they’ve crammed down your throat since 3rd grade is just a giant screw job designed to program you to build your own prison and be happy living in it.

You’ve been programmed to enslave yourself and do the heavy lifting for people who hate you.

You’ve been programmed to accept a lesser life.

War On Housing Agenda 21 New World Order Globalism Can't Afford a Home Simple Freedom

A coffin apartment… a tiny home… a stupid tiny (death trap) car, and you’ve been hustled into a social media “group think” ghetto to control your world view and to weaponize you whenever your slave masters need you on the street tearing your own cities down to protect their agenda.

And at the end of the day, they still hate you.

The Most Important Aspect of Understanding World Events, and Basically Everything Else, is CONTEXT…

You can look at world events individually as “isolated events” and they can look a certain way, but when you step back to look at a collection of “events” in CONTEXT you begin to see something completely distinct.

Why is it getting more and more difficult for younger people to buy a home?

Why are so many young people being driven into mega cities where everything is so much more expensive? Why is “making ends meet” getting harder and harder to do?

You’d think with all the technology and “social networks” they created around you that making a living would have gotten easier, cleaner and less expensive for these younger generations, so why is the opposite of that actually true?

What is the agenda?

And how can one become more aware of what is really going on and take action to prevent it and assist in raising the awareness of others? Why is it getting so much harder to explain and share different perspectives and different opinions and solutions with other people?

Weren’t we told that the age of technology and “social networks” would give people a bigger voice and that it would help spread a diversity of ideas?

Why then does it feel like “social networks” are turning more and more into “group think” online ghettos where people who question the status quo or who share diverse ideas, content and opinions are ostercized, silenced and banned?

Is there a bigger (global) agenda running this?

How Do You Avoid it and Truly Build Your Own Life?

We don’t have all the answers, but we do have some solutions.

The first step though, is to open your own mind, eyes and ears and realize that what we see and what we are told to believe isn’t the real picture. Open up to a different flow of information that tries to put “events” around the world in a bigger perspective.

We put “events” into context.

And learn to be creative and create your own cash flow outside of the establishment’s system.

NEO SLAVERY Built with Economic Chains

The thickest chains being used to enslave people these days, even inside of  “first world” nations are economic chains. Make it so hard for people to survive month to month and they never take the time to look up and realize how they are being locked up in micro prisons they build themselves.

People think we “sell stuff online.” What we really do is execute jail breaks. We set people free.

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