Blogging Training How to Create Rabbit Hole Blog Posts

by Franco on April 28, 2018

Blogging Training: How to Create “Rabbit Hole” Blog Posts

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This kind of blogging is powerful for direct marketers.

You start with something mainstream, current and relevant to the niche you like to blog about.

And create a link to another blog post or blog page that takes your reader a little deeper down the “rabbit hole” of your topic. Each deeper blog post again, is linked to yet another post that helps break the prior one down further and takes your reader further “down the rabbit hole.”

You can have your promotions embedded on each post and as you take your reader down into the content layer by layer, you increase exposure and depth and the visibility of your other links and promotions on your blog.

You can follow this  post on my facebook to see how to model this blogging strategy.

Keep clicking on the yellow “continue” button or on other links and you’ll see how it takes you deeper and deeper down a set of blog posts that breaks your content down into chunks that your readers can learn more detail from.

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