A Marketing Program for Grown Ups

by Franco on September 12, 2015

People Are Fed Up with Tiny Peanut Commissions in “Forever Build” Programs That Fall Apart Every 18 Months – They’re Ready for GROWN UP Comissions and Real Money with Less Hassles

Simple Freedom Elite Concierge Marketing Services

Go ahead, take another $10,000 waste of money spin with another sociopathic goo-roo.

Go ahead, it’s your time to waste… jump into another “forever build” but “never pay” and “always fall apart” pyramid mlm deal with train loads of hype, soap opera drama and nonsense…

Because we remember always having wanted to peddle lotions and potions as kids, right?

It’s your money and it’s your time.

Or… if you’ve had enough of the minor leagues, you can drop that nonsense and pick up your freedom here at Simple Freedom Elite.


You’re the boss. It’s your move…
$1,000 Daily with One Sale. Marketing for Grownups.‪‬

Simple Freedom Elite Concierge Executive Services


We’re having fun putting together the leadership crew here at Simple Freedom Elite.

With $1,000 and $2,000 commissions plus team overrides, this crew just got all grown up.

CORE BELIEF: $2,000 and $1,000 Daily Commissions Per Transaction saves time and attracts serious people looking to work hard, play hard and create change. Thousands of lives can improve fast with an extra $1,000 a month. Imagine weekly?

We’re looking for a few serious players. Our vision is to help create 100 full time earners in the next 24 months and we’re not going to do it with slow growth programs that take forever for normal people to build and that nickel and dime them in commissions. We want to send you $1,000 and $2,000 chunks with no hassles or drama. With what’s going on today in this crazy economy, this is exactly what most people need.

If you’re open and you like to play hard and work hard and have big freedom and big money vision, we should talk.


It’s a Marketing Program for Grown Ups.


Franco Gonzalez
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