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Simple Freedom Sizzle Call Training: How to Close More Sales, Have More Free Time and Have a Highly Informed, Well Trained Affiliate Organization Duplicating and Replicating Tactics that Work with the Masses…

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How powerful are these sales tools?

Ok, so there’s a lot of cool things we’re working on for you.

One of them is a super simple but super powerful “Sizzle Call” strategy and tool.


It’s a tool; a sales tool that helps you close sales with automation.


A sizzle call is a 24 hour recorded message that makes it easy for your prospects to get some information about your offer by dialing a simple number for a quick (4 minutes) message whenever it’s convenient for them.

They hear the message and it directs them to your online video presentation.


Easy1Up Sizzle Call Vertex Lead System

Your imagination is the only limit.

I love the flexibility of a sizzle call.

You can put it on your business card, post cards, social media profile and posts…

You can use it on every blog post in your “signature file” or sign off.

You can use it on your follow up emails.

You can use it during proactive follow up sessions with prospects in your emails, text messages and even in your youtube videos.

It’s really endless.

And when you have one that’s generic and the rest of your affiliate marketing team can use, well then that’s just one more reason to want to use your system on your team and people buy from you more.

Powerful Replication and Duplication Tool

It’s about using any and all tools to help you communicate your message into your market.

So anyway, here’s the sizzle call number so you can dial it right now and listen to the message.



Don’t worry if you’re international.

I have another way to get 24 hour recorded marketing messages to your market. I use recorded messages in the form of podcasts. I’ll share that with you in another training video.

But for now, review how this funnel works for you 24/7 using multiple sensory tools (video, written word, sound etc) to get your message to your market nonstop.

Can you see yourself having your system close one $500 sale daily?

Easy1Up SMS Cell Phone Marketing System Vertex Lead System

WHAT DO I INVITE PEOPLE TO? Your Simple Message and Invitation is…

It’s really simple. All you’re offering people is to “take a look at a fun, simple way to make $500 or $1,000 a day online…” free info… free training… full system for them.

If you can take this simple message and invitation to other people, you could build a full time, six-figure cash flow with this system.

Just ask people if they’re “open to a fun, simple way to make full time money online?”

Then give them your website link.

Give them your business card.

Give them a little post card.

Give them a little pamphlet or booklet.

Give them ANYTHING with your sizzle call number and website link on it.

That’s it.

Listen to the 24 hour recorded message (just 4 minutes) then watch the video here:


And of course, to review the FULL FUNNEL from the beginning go here:

How soon do you want me using this sizzle call tool to help you close your $1,000 sales?


Then watch this:

See you inside,


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