How to Launch or Add a Product Line to Your Online Business

by Franco on April 4, 2016

How to Launch or Add a Product Line to Your Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing Business

I’ve recently added a full line of super high quality nutraceutical products from Youngevity to our ongoing operation at Simple Freedom. This video gives you a tour of how I added the new offers, information, videos and links to the new product line.

My main focus is in keeping the process simple and still maintaining the overall flow of my day to day operation on social media and with my content marketing.

So after I created a landing page, a product review page and a business opportunity info page on my blog, it was time to shoot a video to show you how I did it so you can model this in your own business with your product lines too.

After the setup of those basic intro and info pages, the main focus remains on creating daily content that adds value to my market and I then just create some simple “calls to action” and graphics that will help promote the new product line and get traffic to the main landing page:

I like to keep it simple like this because then most of my time can be focused where it’s most valuable, which is on creating content and connecting with new people and following up with existing leads so we close more sales.

When you do this right and you focus time on connecting with your market and delivering the most value as possible, your business will actually collect leads, present offers and close sales many times without your personal involvement, which is an awesome “side effect” of good, solid, authentic, value centered social media and content marketing.

Introducing: Simple Freedom Health Products! Our own line of high quality health and wellness products because without health, who the hell cares about wealth, anyway? Click below to get to know our awesome line of Youngevity products…

Simple Freedom Health Youngevity

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What do I take Youngevity

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