Simple Freedom Email Follow Up Training

How to Follow Up with Your Leads
EXACTLY What to Do and Say to Close More Sales

BUT FRANCO, I don’t have an email autoresponder or a series of emails given to me. What can I do  about my follow up?

In my view there is NEVER an excuse for not following up with your leads and prospects. This is the life line to sales in ANY professional sales operation.

You MUST follow up or you will fail.

So even if you do not have a fancy email autoresponder, so what?

You absolutely have the ability to EMAIL your leads MANUALLY, a quick little email to invite them to your presentation, follow you on facebook and contact you with any questions.

That’s “Sales 101” and should NEVER be ignored.

And here is another VERY IMPORTANT resource for you…

SCRIPTS FOR COLD LEADS: “Franco, do you have scripts and training on how to work cold leads, like old school style and get them to our new school style online system?”

Yes. Your scripts and training for cold leads is here: Simple Freedom Alpha Leads

Simple Freedom Alpha Leads

Technology makes things fast, simple and easy. Yay.

But so what?

You can click on a lead’s email and email them.
You can tap on a lead’s phone number and call them.

This is what you want a lead to do:

  1. Watch your presentation.
  2. Follow you on Facebook.
  3. Do they have any questions?

Reemphasize to your prospect that you’re very accessible, your system works and provides great training and support.

And ask them, “How serious are you about making money online?”


  1. Have you watched the full presentation?
  2. How much money are you looking to make online?
  3. How much money are you accustomed to making now?
  4. Have you ever made money online before?
  5. Have you ever worked in sales or marketing?
  6. Are you willing to learn new skills?
  7. How much time do you have to focus on your own business daily?
  8. What’s your vision? What are you looking to accomplish?
  9. Are you serious about keeping your word?
  10. Have you been to our most recent training or overviews?

Do not overcomplicate this. You need to follow up and connect with your prospects.

Be realistic too. Understand MOST people are FLAKY. Most people aren’t disciplined. Most people are not experienced in entrepreneurship. Most people are kicking tires and not serious. Most people procrastinate.


Just be disciplined and FOLLOW UP.

I follow the “THREE STRIKES” system of follow up.

I follow up 3 times and in that time if they do not buy or join, I simply invite them to our training and LET THEM GO.

That’s why it’s important to focus on having them follow you on facebook or social media.

Once they’re connected to you on social media, at least they will see your posts and content.

If they change in time and become more serious, then they’ll have a clear and fast path to your funnels and presentations. Have them COME TO YOU by way of messages and asking you questions.

I DO NOT chase people around the internet forever.

I follow up three times.

On the second follow up I ALWAYS ASK THEM THE “Temperature” question:

“JOHN, I’m very serious about helping people learn how to make money online and I stay busy, so let me ask you… HOW SERIOUS ARE YOU ABOUT DOING THIS…? On a scale of 1 – 10…. 1 being NOT INTERESTED AT ALL and 10 being READY TO ROLL NOW… how serious are you about doing this? Because knowing that, I can prioritize my time for you…”


If they answer with a 7 or above, I say: “Awesome John, welcome to the team, is there any final question I can help you with before I get you all setup?”

If they answer under 7 I say: “Oh ok John, no worries, this isn’t for everybody. What I’ll do is make sure you have my contact info and the link to watch our presentation and I’ll invite you to our free trainings. When you’re ready just let me know ok?”

Follow up can be EASY.

Just be disciplined and follow through.

Let’s make you some sales.

BIG COMMISSIONS: When you’re ready for 100% commissions and $250, $500, $1,000 per sale direct to you with our same easy flow and simple freedom systems, click here and join me.

I’m always looking for BIG THINKERS and BIG VISION people who agree that making $250 $500 and $1000 at a time saves us all some time and makes you more money faster.

Original Follow Up Training Video

Never, EVER Be at a Loss for What to Do After You Get Leads! Complete Follow Up System Includes:

1. Phone method (and scripts).
2. Voicemail method (and scripts).
3. Email for follow up.
4. Direct Mail Piece to send.

The Process is Powerful:

1. You call every lead.

2. You leave a voicemail.

3. You email in follow up.

4. You send something in the mail, like a flyer or post card (optional).

5. Everything directs your prospect to your main link to watch your presentation and get started.

And all your follow up messages and follow up content invites your prospect to our free training and webinars/videos.

The Simple Freedom Community Works to Attract Sales.

Simple Freedom System


Click here for your follow up manual and scripts. ($500 value)

Click here to download your Simple Freedom Booklet

Great Resource Allows You To Leave Voicemails Only:

1. I prefer to call and talk briefly with all my free members and prospects.
2. Sometimes though, you just want to leave them a quick voicemail to get them to the training, system and community.

Slydial is a resource that allows you to call and just leave voicemails.

slydial voice messaging system

Click here to review SlyDial vm service.

(Totally optional. You don’t need it. But if you want it, there it is.)


This ONLY works if you’re plugged into a proven SYSTEM, TRAINING and TEAM.

If you don’t have one, click here and learn about how we use Power Lead System on the Simple Freedom Team.




Here are some ideas you can use to create an effective series of follow up emails for your autoresponder.

Remember, the #1 Friend you have in follow up email marketing is DAILY SENDS.

As long as you send your list SOMETHING, you’ll do better than not sending anything.

An email a day keeps poverty away!

Having said that, there IS some strategy you can use in your email marketing program to help you warm up your cold leads and get them WANTING to communicate with you. With effective emailing strategy you’ll have your leads asking for you to call them, sending you facebook messages, replying to your emails with “please call me!” requests etc.

And that’s the key.

There is no “hard rules” for emailing marketing success but this is my GOLDEN EMAIL MARKETING RULE:

If you’re sending your list an email, you might as well have a link in it for them to review something they can buy from you. EVERY SINGLE EMAIL SHOULD HAVE A LINK TO SOMETHING THEY CAN BUY FROM YOU.

Even if the email message itself is totally non-sales, no pitch and just content or story telling or just relating to your list, it should still end with your name and phone number and a link to buy something at the end.

Other than that, there are no hard rules.

So again, my ONLY TWO RULES (but they’re LIFE AND DEATH rules) in follow up email marketing are:


EMAIL FOLLOW UP CONCEPTS: Use these as templates for you to write daily emails that get your subscribers watching your sales messages, videos, following you on social media and requesting to talk to you.

  1. WELCOME EMAIL. Welcome your new subscriber to your list and remind them to watch the video they registered to watch when they opted into your email updates list. Then remind them to follow you on social media and reply to you if they have any questions. Let them know you’ll be sending them invites to private trainings, videos and updates later.
  2. INVITE TO WEBINAR: Our critical events that train you, close your sales for you and train your team are our videos and webinars. They run 24/7 on my youtube channel and on pages I replicate and share code to you. Be sure to write an email inviting your subscriber to the webinars and videos by putting them on your own bridge pages. Since our webinars and videos run 24/7 you can send this anytime in your autoresponder series as well as sending a live broadcast on live hangout nights. This will close sales for you.
  3. INVITE TO DAILY CONTENT: You want to invite your subscribers to the content you create or share daily. Most times you’ll share that content on your social media sites like Facebook or YouTube and in time you’ll create your blog and share your content there too. Your email should also have a link to a presentation or your sales video where they can make a buying decision.
  4. BENEFIT #1: Make a list of the main benefits of your product and opportunity. You can grab these benefits and advantages directly from your sales page, sales video or whatever format content you use to do your presentation. Create an email with just one benefit at a time and link back to the sales video, hangout or other presentation and of course, to your contact info and social media link to answer any questions.
  5. BENEFIT #2: Rinse and repeat above from your list of benefits about your product, your comp plan, your team’s resources, the training you get by being a member etc.
  6. NEWS STORY: Review a current, relevant news story quickly in your email and invite them to review your solution to that problem. If your product helps people make money from home, summarize a story about layoffs, or stagnating wages or unstable economy or growing inflation etc. If your product is a solution for losing weight, then you might want to review a story about the state of obesity, diabetes or heart disease and how your video helps people find real answers.
  7. EVENT REMINDER: If your business conducts scheduled webinars, conference calls or live meetups or other live events, you can write a quick email inviting and reminding them to attend the event. Always include your link to your main sales page, sales video or sales presentation and your contact info including your main social media link like Facebook and Twitter so they can access you with any questions.
  8. SUCCESS STORY: You can write a quick email about a recent sale, commission or positive result in your business or on your team and use it to invite your subscriber to call you with any questions and to review the short video that’s helping so many other people finally get results online or in their business.
  9. RINSE AND REPEAT: You can then cycle these kinds of emails and rotate them out again. You will never run out of topics to create quick emails about and send to your list. Email daily. Link to your sales page daily. Make that a habit and you’ll get sales.

For more education and training on the art & science of copywriting and writing great emails that sell, you might want to own my copywriting course inside my training program, FREEDOM LEVERAGE. The copywriting course is inside and should cost at least $397 alone.

And as an affiliate you can use that offer to make $1000 per day with passive income too.


Email 1

Subject Line: Why you need Simple Freedom Club

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Subject Line: Sneak peak at our Affiliate Marketing School tonight…

Hey there my friend, Franco here.

I want to invite you to learn a skill or two that can truly set you free.

We run an Affiliate Marketing School and here’s some free samples of our training.


We focus on teaching you easy to do skills that can create cash flow independence from home.

Let me know if you have any questions after you sample our training and our system ok?

Talk soon,


P.S. If you’re ready to join my team for free and learn how to create your own full time online biz go here:


Remember, these messages do not have to only live on as emails.

These messages can easily be turned into facebook posts, video scripts for tools like Content Samurai, blog posts etc.

“Franco, Can You Write Me Some Emails for My Leads?”

Many people ask me all the time for training on “What to send my leads and how to write follow up emails?” My SWIPES and sample emails and training on copywriting basics gives you a never ending feed of content and copywriting hacks you can use to better engage, build trust, and create sales with emails, facebook posts and other copywriting communications. Copywriting is the most valuable skill you’ll ever develop. If your business is worth more than $35 to you, I’d be a member of our Simple Freedom Club asap.

You get my daily copywriting swipes, social media content marketing posts, memes, quotes and other content you can use in your own marketing as a member of the Simple Freedom Club’s Private Coaching Program here.

If you have any questions, let me know.

Franco Gonzalez <— click and connect with me on facebook for all my contact info or to ask questions.

My personal contact information:

Franco Gonzalez
c: 760-271-2810
fb: My facebook


P.S. Be sure to join the over 15,838 readers of my free Simple Freedom Podcast, eNewsletter, and grab my Simple Freedom book on kindle or paperback and get a daily dose of tips, insights and strategies designed to make you more money online. To subscribe for free, just click on the “Simple Freedom” pic below. Then check your email inbox for the goodies.

Simple Freedom Booklet and Newsletter

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