Simple Freedom Cold Call Scripts


“Are you open to a simple way to make money online? I have free training and full club where you can learn how.”

I’ve used this simply approach for about 20 years and it works. If they say yes, or maybe, I simply invite them to review my automated business system (funnel) and watch a video.

I follow up with them the next day or directly after they watch it and ask them, “So, what did you like best about the system? It’s pretty simple, right? All we do is ask people if they’re open to a simple way to make their own money and we send them to the system. Can you see yourself making $500 a day just asking people that simple question?”

I then ask them to register for free on our team and I plug them into our training club.

That’s all I do.

I do this online and offline.

This simple process builds me a full time income and I use that to fund my lifestyle.

It’s about simple ways to create cash flow independence and time freedom.

My Goal for You is to Build:

  1. Cash flow independence
  2. Time freedom


  1. Print out this training and put it in a binder.
  2. Take individual scripts and put them on 3×5 cards and paste them on your wall.
  3. Share this training with your teammates.

If you do those simple things, this training can create cash flow streams for you.

Be sure you’re an affiliate of my Simple Freedom Club, Power Lead System, Textbot or Freedom Leverage affiliate programs because then a I know you have a simple, automated marketing SYSTEM to flow people into that will cash flow for you.

How to Use this Training

The purpose of this training is to help you move in the right direction towards effective, more productive communication in your business.

Internet marketing and building affiliate marketing teams is all about communication.

The more people you communicate your message to and the more you improve your skills, the better your results will be. Everyone starts with scripts, or, guides… to help them in their communication. Scripts help you stay focused and on message. They direct you through a productive path where you don’t get lost going into things that are unnecessary in a business dialogue.

Scripts serve a very important purpose:

They act as a guide in helping you put the right words to use.

However, it is those individuals who practice the scripts to the point of memorization that take their businesses to higher levels, allowing them to flow more unconsciously through each conversation.

Use this training as a guide in helping you know the right things to say, how to say them and when to say them.

Masterful Script Tips

Practice, practice, practice.

Repetition is the mother of skill.

Take time to practice each of these scripts by readingh them aloud, also silently and often.

The more quickly you become comfortable with the content of the scripts, the more effective you will be. You do NOT want to sound like you are reading from a sheet of paper. Your objective is to memorize each of these scripts in their entirety so that you can simply flow through conversations with your prospects.

Stand Up.

Energy and posture are of critical importance. How do you come across on the phone? Do you sound like you are in charge, or confident, in control and successful? If it requires you to stand up in order to create that “in control” energy, then do it.


People buy you before they buy your product, service or opportunity. Prospect with enthusiasm, excitement and energy. It is often that raw energy that they “feel” and hear in your voice that will command attention to what you have to say.

Act like you’ve got the Golden Egg.

You have the opportunity of a lifetime at your fingertips. Own it. Feel it. Express it. You are going to be dealing with and working with a lot of people who simply get up every day, go to a job, work all day, go home and repeat that process over and over again. You’ve got something incredibly powerful and life changing to offer them. Act like it, with calm confidence and they will follow.

Maintain control.

Don’t ever let your prospect take control of the conversation. You are the person in charge. You are the person guiding the direction of the conversation. If you let your prospect take control, you’ve lost. Remember, they are the ones looking for change. You are the person who has the vehicle to help them make that change happen.

Don’t chase your prospects.

There is a distinct difference between chasing and following up. Follow up leads to more business. Chasing leads to nothing but frustration and valuable time wasted. How do you tell the difference? You’ll know you’re chasing when you continue to call your prospects for follow up calls and they either never answer or never call you back.

Effective follow up involves ongoing conversations with your prospects. In other words, they show up. If you find yourself continually making dials to individuals who you thought might have been interested, yet never show up and never return calls, there is a good chance you are playing the chasing game.

Pay attention.

Use your ears and listen to both what is being said and how it is being said. If you pay close attention to what is happening during your prospecting calls, you will be able to pick up on simple clues that tell you whether or not you are on the phone with the “right” candidate for your business, or the “wrong” candidate, so you can quickly move on to the next prospect on your list. Also, pay attention and model the success of others.

Be a student of the profession.

The biggest earners I know are students of the profession, students of life and students of success. Learn from both your mistakes and your successes. Become a sponge and learn everything you possibly can to solidify your skills, your mindset and your knowledge. The more you know, the more effective you will be.

Stay plugged in.

One of the best things you can do to assure your success is to stay “plugged in” to the center of influence in your company. In other words, stay plugged in to the producers. The more time you invest in being involved and being active, the more likely your success will be. I learned a long time ago to stay focused on what the producers were doing, and to stay plugged in to those individual.

Work with leadership.

Lean on your leadership for support and assistance to help you understand what to do and how to do it. This will help you create greater competence in doing those activities that we do every day in Network Marketing. However, don’t become codependent on your leadership. Your leadership is there to assist you in growing and developing your team. They are not there to do it FOR you.

Use these scripts online, offline and on social media too.

These scripts work great for phone prospecting but open your mind to using them all over the place. Just adjust them slightly and add them to facebook posts, Instagram, youtube video scripts and email marketing. You can use these as content pieces all over the internet where they work for you non stop online, as text messages, and social media private messages.


There is powerful, positive energy that a smile brings to any conversation, whether on the telephone or in person. People are looking for happiness, pleasure and joy in their lives. If you sound grumpy, unhappy or rude, people won’t like you and won’t want to talk to you. Sound like you’re having fun, having the time of your life, loving every minute of it, and you’ll find yourself attracting like-minded people.

Have fun.

This is a journey. It’s an adventure. It’s your life. Have fun with the process. Love it, dig it, enjoy it, and embrace it. Don’t merely go through the motions. Go through the motions and have FUN with it. The more fun you have, the more you’ll want to succeed.

Types of Markets

There are really only two types of “markets” that you will do business with during your career as a network builder and marketer.

They are separated as Warm Market and Cold Market.

Warm Market.

This defines people who you know. The term “warm” comes from the fact that the relationship is already there and normally doesn’t require a whole lot of warming up prior to presenting information to them. This list could ecompass quite literally everyone you know or are acquainted with in some way. This includes everything from family members, to close personal friends, to people that you simply know or recognize, or who would recognize you.

Cold Market.

This category simply ecompasses anyone you do not currently know, including ad respondents, leads you purchase or generate, people you meet while out (often called the 3-foot rule), or anyone else you happen to “not” know.

I have included scripts and approaches for every warm market or cold market situation you may be faced with in the marketplace.

This training is not intended to give advice as to which market is better or more productive. It’s simply intended to give you the words to use when facing different situations in the marketplace.

Approaching the Warm Market

When getting started in building networks for marketing or Direct Sales, there is a natural process that people go through when learning to build their business. Both generally and historically, the warm market is the place where most people start when building their business. Why? It is simply faster and easier to generate a list of people to talk to about your business or product/service with warm market people.

There also tends to be some hesitation with many individuals about approaching their warm market. People don’t want to be seen as bugging their friends and family, or using those people. And, I don’t blame people for thinking this way.

However, my question to you is simple. If you are going to build a business and potentially create wealth in your life, would you rather do it with people you know and love or complete strangers?

There is a RIGHT way to approach warm market and there is a WRONG way. This section will focus on the RIGHT way, as well as provide you with a vehicle for creating your very own, never ending warm market, and simple methods for approaching different types of warm market individuals.

Again, the warm market is defined by the fact that you KNOW them. You don’t have to be best buddies with them in order for them to be part of your warm market.

The Ideal People to Approach

Get to the people in your warm market that you feel are the most outgoing, entrepreneurial, money-motivated, successful and dynamic. I could use several other adjectives to describe this group, but you get my point.

However, understand this. Sometimes, those you think will, won’t. And those who you think won’t, will. Why? I have no idea; it simply is what it is.

5 Simple Tips to Success with Your Warm Market

  1. Don’t lie.
  2. Don’t push.
  3. Don’t put them down or insult them.
  4. Don’t beg.
  5. Don’t chase.

Rather than offering definitions on what I mean above, I’ll give it to you here.

Don’t lie means don’t lie. Don’t tell your friends, family or anyone else for that matter an untruth; about anything.

Don’t push. If they say no, they aren’t interested, or they think you are crazy, just LEAVE it. Move on.

Don’t put them down or insult them. Just because someone says they aren’t interested in your business or products doesn’t mean they are stupid, even if you think they are.

This is business.

Some will and some won’t. Respect their decision.

Don’t beg. Well, that seems fairly simple, doesn’t it? If your opportunity is so great, there’s no need to beg, even if you are desperate and don’t have a check yet.

By the way, operating from a position of desperation is not something that is going to lead you to success. So, operate from a position of abundance rather than lack.

Don’t chase. Once you have presented information to your warm market, DO follow up. They are expecting that you do so. But, if they aren’t responding, don’t keep calling them over and over. Again, just move on.

How to Guarantee You Are Never Part of the NFL

There are so many terms that are unique to “network marketing,” and the N.F.L. is one of them, and it doesn’t stand for the National Football League. It is an industry term that stands for “No Friends Left.” It is a stupid term that you do not want to be associated with at all, even if it’s funny as hell.

People that become part of the NFL Club are those that do the following:

  1. Bug their friends and family constantly about their business.
  2. Don’t understand the word “no” and continue to push even after being told “no” multiple times.
  3. Continue to look for greener pastures by going from company to company looking for the answer, when the answer is not the company, but rather their own lack of commitment to build an organization within a company. These people continue to go back to their friends again and again stating that “this one is the one”, this is “the deal,” etc.

If you want to keep your friends your friends and maintain your relationship with your family members, the process is simple. Pique their interest, introduce them to your idea, your company or your product/service, and then collect a decision.

If they say, “yes”, great! If they say, “no”, ask for a referral and move on.

It’s that simple.

Some people have a bad taste in their mouth about this kind of “home business” for this very reason. People are tired of being lied to or misled. If you are honest and upfront, professional and committed, you will go far.

If you’re not, you simply won’t.


These scripts are ideal for approaching people that you know very well or see on a regular basis.

Each call you make will be a little different, based on the relationship you have with the individual. So, in some cases before getting to your “point” of the call, you may ask how the kids are, or whether you are on for your tee-time on Friday morning, or ask them how they have been.

However, once you have done that, the approach is essentially the same.

Also, be sure to use the words and phrases that are right for you. For example, if you woudn’t say, “John how’s it going?”, but you would normally say, “John, what’s happening?”, then do that. The key is in asking the question.

Warm Market Close Friend Business Script

Hi PROSPECT’S FIRST NAME. How’s it going? Listen… we’ve known each other for a long time. I’ve been looking at a lot of different businesses recently and I just found something that I’m really excited about. I have no idea whether you are even looking to potentially make more money or not, but you were one of the first friends I thought about when I looked at this. If there was a way where you and I could work together in our own business and make some money, would you want to know about it?

If PROSPECT says “YES”, then USE THE TOOLS you have available to you and get them started through the informational gathering process (i.e. live call, a meeting, a web presentation, an audio, video etc.)

If PROSPECT says “no”, then ASK THEM FOR A REFERRAL. Simply say, “No problem PROSPECT’S NAME, who do you know that may be interested in making more money than they are currently?” The tail end of this question is not AS important as the first part; “WHO DO YOU KNOW.” You could easily change it to any of the following:

Who do you know who might be looking for a business?

Who do you know who might be tired of working for someone else?

Who do you know who is already self employed?

Who do you know who is successful?

The list of referral questions could go on and on. But again, the most important part is that you ask them for a referral.

If PROSPECT says “MAYBE”, “IT DEPENDS”, or “WHAT IS IT?”, understand that they aren’t telling you “NO.” What they ARE saying is what they are saying. So, at this point you could simply reframe the question to something like this based on their response.

Well PROSPECT’S NAME, if you knew for sure that we could make more money together, it was real, and simple to do, would you want to at least hear about it?

Once you get their answer, “YES” or “NO”, proceed accordingly based on what I’ve shared above.


Hi PROSPECT’S NAME. How’s it going? I’ve been investigating many different business ventures recently and I just found something that I’m really excited about. I have no idea whether you are even looking to potentially make more money or not, but I thought about you immediately when I looked at this. If there was a way where you and I could work together in our own business and make some money, would you want to know about it?

If PROSPECT says “YES”, then USE YOUR TOOLS you have available to you and get them to a presentation then get them started through the informational gether process (i.e. live call, internet funnel, video etc)

If PROSPECT says “NO” , then ask them for a referral. Simply say, “No problem PROSPECT’S NAME, who do you know that may be interested in making more money than they are currently?” The tail end of this question is not AS important as the first part, “WHO DO YOU KNOW?”

If PROSPECT says “MAYBE”, “IT DEPENDS” or “WHAT IS THIS?” then reframe the question.

Well PROSPECT’S NAME, if you knew for sure that we could make more money together, if it was real and simple to do, would you want to at least hear about it?

Once you get their answer, “YES” or “NO” proceed accordingly based on what I have shared above.


The following scripts are to primarily be used when calling people who you know but you do not speak with on a regular basis. For example, a college friend who you talk to a couple times a year, or a second cousin who lives across the country.

This script is a little different from the wam market scripts in the prior section, as it requires a little more warming up, prior to asking your pique interest question.

Hi PROSPECT’S NAME. How’s it going? How’ve you been?

Let them talk.

Show interest and listen.

Share a bit back and forth and let the conversation warm up. Then… get to your point.

Be sure not to let these conversations get out of control.

Remember, are ARE calling them for a specific reason.

PROSPECT’S NAME, I’m actually calling you for a specific purpose. I know it’s been a while since we last spoke, but I have always had a lot of respect for you and truly value your opinion. I have been investigating a number of different business ventures over the past few months and I just engaged in something that I’m really excited about. I have no idea whether you are even open to taking a look at something, but I thought I’d call you. If I could show you a way to get an extra check in the mail every month, and the check was enough to grab your attention, is that something you’d be open to taking a look at?

If they answer “YES” then refer to your funnel and tools.

If they answer “NO” then ask for a referral.


Now… this is a phenomenal approach to use that will absolutely help you ensure you get favorable responses from some of the best people on your warm market list.

The natural human tendency for many new people in Network Marketing is to shy away from what we think is more challenging. In fact, the path of least resistance is simply commonplace habit. Why go the long and winding road, when you can drive on a nicely paved street that takes you straight to the same location?

Here is a personal warning from me to you. When creating your warm market list and beginning to work through it, do not decide for someone else whether your business is going to be right for them. Don’t say to yourself, “oh, he’ll do this business” or “she would never look at anything like this”, because you simply don’t know how they are going to respond, until they do so.

Also, do not be afraid to call people who you see as highly successful, for fear of how they may respond. What you actually will find is that those that are on your list that you are “chicken” to call, may actually be some of the very best people to go to. I’m not calling you a chicken, but that is also another industry term: the “chicken list”. Those are the people on your lists we perceive as “better” or “more successful” than we are.

Having said that, there is an easy way to approach these individuals, and enjoy the process in doing so. Here it is:

Hi PROSPECT. How are you doing? Listen… I know your time is extremely valuable, so I’m going to be fairly brief. I have a tremendous amount of respect for you as a business professional, and I truly value your opinion. You have been extremely successful in your life and I am seeking the same. So, I have a simple question for you. I just got myself involved in a new business venture that I’m incredibly excited about, and I wanted to ask you if you would give me your honest opinion and feedback on what I am doing. If you could just take a look at this, even if briefly and let me know what you think, I would really appreciate it.

Now, your intention here is to simply get someone who you feel is successful, who you may normally feel intimidated by, and get them to take a look. This works very well. You compliment them, let them know how much you respect them, and their opinion, and then ask a simple favor. Obviously, your ultimate objective is to either get their interest or have them give you a few referrals.

By the way, this method of approaching people “up” the socioeconomic chain puts you in the position of getting EASY referrals. If they like what they see, even if they aren’t interested, they will feel a natural inclination to want to help you.


Once you have been in the business for a while, you will no doubt find yourself delving into the Cold Market. Some people are very good at making the Warm Market last for a very long period of time. By asking for referrals, not pre-judging and really sitting down and thinking about WHO YOU KNOW, you’ll be able to work in your Warm Market exclusively for some time.

Some people choose to go directly to the Cold Market. Personally, I think that is a mistake. If you are in a business, you’re planning on staying there and building it, why would you build your initial foundation on complete strangers, when you could be working with people you love and care about? No matter how good you are, your Warm Market won’t last forever. Would you rather have them on your team, or have someone else sign them up? Now, there is no guarantee that they will sign up in anything, but what if they did? What if they signed up in another company under another friend, and then went on to make millions of dollars in the profession? How would you feel?

Do talk to your Warm Market. I have had many people on my personal list over the years that ended up joining someone else’s organization because I simply didn’t get to them in time. You never know. If you ask, you might get. If you don’t, you never will.

Now that you have decided to venture into the Cold Market, let me fill you in on a few tips, tricks and secrets to ensure your success in approaching this marketplace.


Now you’re moving into REAL prospecting.

Not that recruiting your friends and family isn’t real, but this can and probably will be where a tremendous amount of your money comes from as you progress.

The Cold Market encompasses anyone you don’t currently know. If you think about it, there are probably a whole lot more people that you currently don’t know on this earth than those you do know.

First of all, I want you to get very clear on really what is available to you in the Cold Market. There are numerous methods that you can employ to locate new prospects, IF you simply learn to open your eyes to the world of possibilities that exist.

The eyes cannot see the things they are not yet trained to see. So, if you train your mind to look for and recognize something as an opportunity, rather than not register it in your mind as such, you’ll soon realize the magnitude of what is available to you in the marketplace. Opportunity to grow your business is literally everywhere.

Top producers understand HOW to capitalize on those opportunities and they ACT on them accordingly.

The Cold Market is a phenomenal market to build your business in, but you are going to be faced with things you don’t experience in the Warm Market.


  1. Understand that it is a sorting business. Some people will love it, some won’t, and there’s always someone else waiting to hear from you.

2. Don’t take anything personally. This is a business. Some people will join you and some won’t. It’s really that simple. If your prospect wants to be negative or not respond favorably to your message, that’s their decision. Move on.

3. Don’t get emotionally attached to anyone, unless you plan on marrying them. There will always be another prospect around the corner.

4. Be consistent. I don’t know how to express how critically important it is for you to continue to prospect on a regular basis, and continuously put new people through your information pipeline. Success comes through doing the right activities on a consistent basis.

5. Learn from your experiences. Keep track of your progress. Pay attention to what you are doing and learn from every experience you have. Grow from those experiences. Successful people pay attention to everything that they do, always looking to improve.

6. Act the part. Realize that you don’t know these people and they don’t know you. You could be building your business from a garage and they would never know it. Act like you are successful, busy and productive even if you aren’t. Don’t lie. Just act the part until you become the part.

7. Work the numbers. Regardless of how good you are, you still need to consistently sort through people. The more people you put into your information pipeline, the more you will sponsor. Even the greatest recruiters in the world work through large numbers of people. It is simply the way this business works.

8. Don’t ever quit. While you may feel like it at times, don’t ever give up. The only way you can fail in this business is by either not putting forth the effort in the first place, or simply giving up. No matter how much you feel like giving up, you will never get where you want to go if you quit.


Cold Lead Business Script

There are several different introductions to use when it comes to calling purchased leads or leads that I have generated on my own.

You will also see that all of these scripts have similarities. They follow the same path, with different introductions and other minor modifications. So, once you get comfortable with how to get the conversation started, the rest is easy.

Each script follows the same basic path, which I refer to as an “Agenda” in many of my trainings. This includes the following:

  1. Introduction and opening question
  2. Asking for permission to continue
  3. Probing and qualifying
  4. Taking them through the info system
  5. Taking their tempurature
  6. Closing, booking a follow up.

Quick tip: I always ask for prospects by their first name. It makes it more personal, rather than asking if “John Smith” is in, which is more formal. If you are calling someone named John, we can assume that John is probably a man. So, if a man answers, assume it may be John and start the conversation off by simply saying “Hi John.” Otherwise, proceed as follows.

Introduction and Opening Question

Hi, is PROSPECT’S FIRST NAME in please? Hi NAME, this is YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME calling you from YOUR CITY AND STATE. I’m getting back to you because you recently requested information from me about starting your own business, and I wanted to find out if that is still correct. (Pause… and wait for an answer)

Alternate Introduction and Opening Question

Hi, is NAME in please? Hi NAME, this is YOUR NAME calling you from YOUR CITY. I’m getting back to you because you had requested some information from one of my web sites recently about working from home. Are you still looking to do that? (Pause… and wait for an answer)

Critical Note: I have personalized my introductions above by saying that my prospect has responded to one of my web sites or requested information from me. By stating that, I am now in a more powerful position, even though the site they may have responded to is not one of my own. The prospect doesn’t know that. Only you do. It is a lot more powerful than saying something like “I got you off of a list that I purchased.”

Referral Introduction and Opening Question

Hi, is NAME in please? Hi NAME, this is YOUR NAME calling from YOUR CITY. I’m calling you because you were referred to me as someone serious about getting involved in a business of your own, is that correct? (Pause… and wait for an answer)

Ad Respondent Introduction and Opening Question

Hi, this is YOUR FULL NAME returning your call. You responded to my ad in PUBLICATION regarding your interest in making money from home. Is creating an income from home still something you are looking to do? (Pause… and wait for an answer)

Your objective here is to QUICKLY QUALIFY them. Your ears must be turned on and you must be paying attention to both WHAT they say and HOW they say it. Are they the type of person you are really looking for in your business? Do they sound like the type of person you want in your business? Do they have the qualities that you are seeking? In other words, do they sound good? Are they outgoing? Do they sound like a good communicator? Can you feel some enthusiasm? Desire? Is their energy high? Do they sound interested? You’ve got to be listening clearly and paying attention to your prospect. If not, you’ll be wasting a lot of time with people who are simply not qualified to do what we do.

Once I have asked the opening question, which by the way, I don’t pause until I do so, I then ask for permission to continue based on their answer.

If YES, and they sound like someone you might be looking for, ask for permission to continue.

If YES, and they are definitely someone you don’t want, “GAP” them. Tell them to Grab A Pen and send them to your online system’s overview or sales presentation video. Send them someplace, but don’t mail them anything. You’ll be wasting your money. If you were wrong in your judgement and they like the business, they’ll call you back. If not, you’ve just saved yourself a ton of time.

If NO, and they sound like they are not worth your time, say BYE. Move on.

If NO, and they sound like someone who may have what you are looking for, ask the following question:

Before I let you go, do you mind if I ask you a simple question? Are you saying that you’re really not looking to create additional cash flow in your life? I mean, if you absolutely knew that you could earn a few thousand extra dollars each month working very part time, you wouldn’t at least be curious as to what it involved?

If MAYBE or POSSIBLY, ask the following question:

PROSPECT’S NAME, I’m only looking for people that can absolutely answer yes to the question. Are you looking to make money from home, yes or no?

If THAT DEPENDS, ask the following question:

Of course does. But let me ask you this. If you found a business to pursue that you were absolutely convinced would create a substantial level of income, you would want to know about it, wouldn’t you?

Ask for Permission to Continue

Am I catching you at a good time to talk for a few minutes?

Probing and Qualifying Questions

This part of the script is really based on “feel.” Again, you must be paying attention to your prospect’s answers, both WHAT they say and HOW they say it. You may find very quickly that you don’t need to ask all of these questions. Remember, just because the question is in the probing and qualifying portion of the script, it doesn’t mean that it MUST be asked.

Are you currently self-employed, or have you ever been in the past?

If yes, ask about it.

What do you do for a living currently? How long? What do you like about it? Is there anything you don’t enjoy about what you currently do?

The objective of the question above is to find out what they like and don’t like, so that you can show them how to get more of what they DO like and less of what they DON’T like.

Why are you looking for a business of your own?

Are you primarily looking for a part-time income, or are you looking for a serious full-time income?

How much money are you looking to make?

Given you found the right opportunity, how much time are you prepared to devote to your business each week?

If you had the opportunity to thoroughly review our business, and you were absolutely convinced you could make the kind of money you’re looking to make, are you in a position to invest $500 to get your business up and running?

The next question is BY FAR the most important question you will ever ask any prospect. If you get this far into the probing process, you will definitely want to ask this question. It is the KEY question that uncovers their WHY, the real reason why they want to make life changes.

PROSPECT’S NAME, let me ask you this. Other than the money itself, what is it exactly that you’re looking for? In other words, what specifically will you be able to do when you have that kind of money coming in that you cannot do today?


This is critical.

You’ll get answers like, “I’ll be able to put my kids in college”, “I can finally afford to buy a house”, etc. This is their “WHY.” Remember it. Write it down.

If the person sounds like they are “right” for the business, take them through the information gathering process that you have for your company.

Take them Through the Information Gathering Process

It sounds to me like you are the right type of person for our business. What I need to do now is provide you some information about our company and what we do, so you can make an informed decision as to whether or not it makes sense for you. Sound fair?

Take them through your funnel process.

Take Their Tempurature

This next section may happen immediately, if you are able to disseminate information to them right there. If not, you will be scheduling a time to get back to them and take their tempurature.

After you expose the prospect to your information, you need to find out the interest level of your prospect.

Well PROSPECT’S NAME, that’s a quick overview on our program. Let me ask you a simple question; if you were to rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10, one being not at all interested and ten being I am ready to get started right now, where do you see yourself?

Listen CLOSELY to what they say.

You are asking for a number. You didn’t ask if they were curious or serious. Get the number. It gives you a good guage as to exactly how interested they are.

Here’s how I respond to their answers.

If they answer 1 through 5:

Not a problem JOE. It sounds to me like this is obviously not for you. Who do you know who may be interested in a business like this?

If they answer 6 – 8:

Great, why are you a (NUMBER THEY TOLD YOU)?

Let them tell YOU what they need in order to make a decision.

If they answer 9 – 10:

Excellent, let me share with you exactly how you get started in the business…

That means, sign them up.

You still may get questions, but obviously they are interested. Get them the answers they need, and enroll them.

Close, Conduct a Leadership Call or Book a Follow Up

You are nearing the end of the process with your prospect at this point. They will either not be interested and you ask for a referral, they are moderately interested and you find out what they require to make an informed decision, or you sign them up.

If you haven’t signed them up yet, you’ve objective is to do so. They probably simply need a little more information and validation, perhaps even a little time to think about it. However, if they DO say “I need to think about it”, be sure to ask them, “What is it specifically that you need to think about?”

The following scripts show you exactly how to conduct a leadership consult call, how to effectively set up reliable follow up calls, and how to close your prospects.

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