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Content Marketing. Using your blog as your very own “media broadcasting channel” is a sustainable, long term strategy to attract people, generate leads and make sales and a strategy that you have complete control over.

You can definitely post this kind of content directly to your facebook or other social networking site, but you do not own or have complete control of those platforms. You and your content can be censored and deleted at any time.

So while, I still recommend you use those platforms as much as possible to leverage them, I mainly recommend that you create YOUR OWN PLATFORM, using your own simple blog on your own domain, on your own hosting account so that you have a place to put your content that you completely control.

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You can still promote and share your content from your own blog into your facebook, twitter and youtube and any other social media account.

Also please note remember to keep this reasonable and realistic. I’m not saying that THIS ONE STRATEGY will render immediate riches or that it will be the ONLY strategy to use to build your online business. That’s nonsense.

You should always be using at least two or three solid strategies to generate prospects and fuel your business marketing process. You should never rely on just one strategy. That’s just not smart business practice.

So anyway, enjoy this training on blog content marketing and if you have any questions, please comment below or send me your private questions to my cell as a text message or message me on facebook… whatever is more convenient.


HOSTING ACCOUNT: You’ll need a hosting account for your blog. I use this hosting company.

WORDPRESS BLOG THEME: For my most recent blog I use Thrive Themes because they offer the best collection of features and simplicity for blogs focused on marketing and lead generation.

THESIS THEME: This blog you are reading right now is my first blog. I created it in 2006 and I use the Thesis Theme for it so if you specifically want to use this same theme, you can click here and grab Thesis Theme. They just do not have all the bells and whistles for marketing pages that Thrive Themes does so you might want to check there too.

EMAIL AUTORESPONDER: You’ll want to use your own independent email autoresponder to build lead capture pages and collect email leads for building your own email list with your blog. I’ve always used Aweber for that.

SOMETHING TO SELL: If you do not know what to sell to monetize your blogging you can choose to become an affiliate and promote the same affiliate program I do on my own blog. It’s the simplest way to start monetizing and creating cash flow if you’re new without having to reinvent the whole wheel. I prefer to promote simple programs that pay 100% commission so I enjoy promoting this system here.

GET TRAFFIC IN 24 HOURS: Blog and Marketing Funnel all setup? Now you just need to get traffic rolling in. Order some autopilot traffic from here so you have some traffic flowing while you get your content marketing rolling with momentum.

TAKE ACTION! Remember, you don’t have to get it right – you just have to get it going. Don’t worry about being perfect before you get started. Just get something out there and start taking action. You can always adjust, refine and change things as you go.

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Simple Freedom Academy Get Paid Big Up Front No MLM Slave

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