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Why Simple Freedom Alliance?


What is Simple Freedom Alliance?


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Simple Freedom Alliance: Our Solution to the War on the Middle Class

The Alliance Delivers the Two (2) Critical Weapons You Need to Create More Freedom and Liberty in Your Life:

1. Knowledge & Education

2. Cash Flow Vehicle

Use our training, knowledge and mastermind community to learn the skills needed to leverage the Internet and Social Networks so you can create cash online and have personal financial power “off-the-grid” and away from the traditional society “Matrix” that is being used to keep the Middle Class economically enslaved.

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Great News for Affiliates: Earn a full $30 per member, per month on a low $40 pricepoint. Monthly recurring passive income. Ten referrals = $300 monthly recurring income.

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To your Freedom & Liberty,

Franco Gonzalez
Founder, Simple Freedom

Franco Gonzalez Simple Freedom Alliance

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