How to Create Sales Online with Blog Marketing

by Franco on May 5, 2017

TRAINING: How to Create Sales Online with Blog Marketing

Power Lead System Affiliate Marketing Simple Freedom

You can create consistent sales online by using strategic blog marketing.

This method blends the use of “value focused” content, a blog, a social media account like Facebook or Instagram, an email list autoresponder and a marketing funnel (all of which we offer on our team).

Create a resources page on your blog.

Embed affiliate offers and use the “P.S.” to create a custom sales offer for anything you sell that is related to this audience. List useful tools and resources that can help your audience get solid results in their own business. Be hones and straight forward about your tools and resources and explain briefly what they can help them with and why you use them.

Once your content is ready on your blog, simply email your list an invite and take that email invite and also post it in social media.

This is a very simple method that works and is evergreen.


You can receive the full module of training on this method, together with the copywriting and sales psychology break down to help you master it and use it to create traffic, leads and sales for your business too.

The full training is inside of our Simple Freedom Academy coaching program.

Did you know?

Did you know you can also resell Simple Freedom Academy as an affiliate and earn $100 per sale and $100 overrides from sales of your affiliates? You also get access to a completely automated online sales funnel sales closing assistance. You can review the Simple Freedom Academy funnel and program here.


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Power Lead System Affiliate Marketing Simple Freedom



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