How to Create Duplication Friendly Sales and Presentation Pages

by Franco on May 11, 2016

Create Your Own Replicated Sales Pages for Online Marketing Sales Teams

Education, Training, Community or Sales Pages Replicated for Entire Teams without Programming or Design Skills

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Simple Freedom Academy

Let’s talk, a little bit, about Simple Freedom Academy. Imagine having 24 hour access to a course that teaches you everything you need to know about the fundamental skills of creating cash flow online with affiliate and social media marketing…

I created Simple Freedom Academy as an anchor for teaching the fundamental skills of Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing. It’s designed to teach new online and affiliate marketing enthusiasts.

Many people would ask me to teach them internet marketing skills, or if I had a training course that taught the basics as they’d meet me on twitter, facebook or from some of my blog posts. So I decided to create a course to refer them to.

Forget “Feeling the Bern,” Simple Freedom Academy is Better than Free

Being an affiliate marketer myself, what I like about buying courses or content that have a back end affiliate program is that all my education can be free. Actually, better than Bernie, my education ends up being better than free because with a built in affiliate program I can always promote them, refer them to other aspiring entrepreneurs and earn commissions on those referrals. With a few referrals I’d earn back the money I invested out of pocket for those courses so I’d get my money back.

But that’s not the end of it.

With a few more referrals, I’d always be in profit. Then I took it deeper. With a steady stream of referrals, I’d create “out of thin air,” a steady stream of cash flow. And with that steady cash flow I started using “other people’s money” to pay for any education and any tools I might want to scale and build my online affiliate marketing business.

Long story short, this was a huge revelation for me because I discovered, not only can this be a cash flow vehicle for myself, but I can teach this simple, but undervalued skill and concept to others and help them create cash flow for whatever they wanted.

So when I created my own course, Simple Freedom Academy (and any of my courses after), I decided to also create a back end affiliate marketing referral commission program that was more leveraged than the simple, one-off commissions the affiliate marketing status quo was used to.

I wanted my buyers to be able to get their initial investment back faster and I wanted to create more leverage and depth in the comp plan so they can make faster profit, have higher profit margins and a nice way to create significant cash flow from the referrals of affiliates that bought through them. My vision was to create a way for them to create leveraged, passive commissions much like a real estate broker makes.

Affiliates earn like big time real estate brokers with leverage and passive cash flow

In real estate there is the real estate agent and the real estate broker.

Typically the agent makes a commission only after he closes a direct sale. The broker earns a commission also on his direct sales but he also earns a commission override every time any of his agents earns a commission.

Passive cash flow leverage. That’s what I wanted to create for my affiliates.

So, as an affiliate in my programs, you can earn a direct commission for your referrals. Promote my courses with your affiliate link and you earn a $100 commission on a $150 sale of Simple Freedom Academy. But there’s more…

Like a real estate broker, you also earn commissions when your referred affiliates generate their first sale.

With leverage like that, you can create the cash flow to invest in other courses and tools to grow and expand your marketing business. The video below is an introduction to Simple Freedom Academy, our main flagship course on affiliate marketing, internet marketing and social media marketing. Enjoy the video and have fun with the course. If you have any questions, I’m easy to find on facebook and twitter.

A Quick Introduction to Simple Freedom Academy

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