Cash is Trash But Silver/Gold Rise

by Franco on December 9, 2009

Governments are printing worthless paper money like CRAZY and so the value of paper money is going ONLY down. Inflation. Massive Devaluation. Experts say the Middle Class is about to get CRUSHED. Maybe you’re already feeling the heat?

Are you ready to hear this? This was in 2008 and EVERYTHING predicted has happened and is HAPPENING. How long will you ignore it?

My Personal Plan Has Been:

1. Build a System That Gives Me CASH FLOW!

I do that here:

2. Take Cash Profits and Convert that into SILVER & GOLD which will keep appreciating in value as paper fiat currencies get over printed (cash is trash).

You have options.

You can buy company stocks that deal in the precious metals niche. Mining Companies, Mining and Production Supply Companies or EFTs but that entails “trusting” Wall St. And if you STILL trust Wall St. you deserve the brutal nightmares that are coming. I sure as hell don’t trust those suits.

You can buy the actual SILVER and GOLD in bullion coins at retail. Not bad. Just be disciplined and don’t procrastinate.

You can buy Silver and Gold at retail here:


You can get your Silver FREE and then turn it into GOLD later. Yeah I said you can get your Silver FREE. It’s what I’ve quietly been doing for one year. NO. This is NOT an “Income Opportunity” or Biz Op for me.

I just saw at as a common sense way for a marketer to get Silver for Free.

What if you owned a website that sold Silver.

What if every time your website sold TWO silver coins, you got one for free?

Silver Snowball Review – Just click and learn how you can get your silver at BELOW SPOT PRICE!

I do NOT “promote” this as a biz op. I simply make youtube videos, blog posts and talk about it on facebook every once in a while and shoot an occasional email to my list about it and it sells itself… and you can get free silver this way. I can show you how.

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