Russian Ambassador Shot Dead in Turkey by Radical Islamic Terrorist VIDEO

by Franco on December 19, 2016

BREAKING VIDEO: Russian Ambassador Shot Dead in Turkey by Radical Islamic Terrorist for Syria Regime Change War Grievances… 

Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlove Assassinated by Jihadi Radical in Ankara…

BREAKING: The Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov has been assassinated as he was delivering a speech at an art gallery in Ankara, Turkey.

The shooter was standing behind the ambassador while he was at the podium. Assassin was also reported to have been a Turkish police officer on the security detail at that event.

Reports state that assassin walked up and shot the Russian ambassador 5 times in the back. After shooting, as ambassador lay mortally wounded on the floor, the assassin reportedly shouted, “You kill us in Aleppo, I kill you here!”

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In a video of the actual shooting posted on twitter the assassin can be heard shouting, “Allahu Akbar!” after he delivers 5 shots from his firearm (hand gun) into the back of the Russian ambassador.

Russian spokeswoman has announced Vladimir Putin holding emergency meeting with his security officials and will be communicating to the United Nations on this event.

This assassination occurs on the same day the Electoral College is meeting to vote in Donald J Trump as official President-Elect in the United States. This assassination also occurs amidst a seemingly non-stop propaganda campaign in the United States leftist “main stream media” to demonize Russia and promote heavily biased rhetoric and propaganda against the Syrian government and in support of radical islamic terrorist “moderate” groups fighting to topple the secular government of Syria (aided, funded and armed by CIA following the foreign policy “regime-change” agenda of Hillary and Obama).

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