Leftists and Liberty Movement: Russia vs the American Left Friends and Enemies of USA

by Franco on November 18, 2016

A Tale of Two Cities: NYC Leftists Thirsty for Liberal Fascism While Russia Works to Create More Freedom and Liberty into their Once Atheist Communist Nation

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Russia sick of warmongering by Obama and Hillary

By David Knight | Infowars.com

Two stories — one of resentment by Hillary supporters in NYC who want Trump’s name removed from their apartment building and one of relief in a Russia town where the people have petitioned for a street to be renamed “Donald Trump Street.”

The Russian town have a sense that they have been reprieved from war, from the warmongering agenda of Obama that would certainly have been escalated by Hillary Clinton, but it is also a tale of two directions.

The Russian street that the petitioners would name after Trump is currently called “Godless Street” in Russian.

It is a legacy of proudly godless atheist communism; however, the Russian people reject godless communism today while people in NYC rush to embrace it.

Why are the Neocons and Globalist Banking Cartels so opposed to working with Russia as Allies?

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