RED PILL Alpha Business Side Hustle Cash Flow Tips

by Franco Gonzalez on October 30, 2020

Red Pill Manosphere Cash Flow Strategies

The first step you need to take is to register for the Simple Freedom Newsletter then plug into the podcast and the video channel for all training sessions.

From there I show you how to setup your affiliate funnel and use my content to create cash flow in an “off grid” decentralized way.

Start stacking your skill sets and cash flow pipelines.

Hit the gym and get healthy and fit.

Focus on your purpose, increase your personal value, have fun with your hobbies, interests and passions and attract higher quality options into your life.

Play the game of life from a position of wisdom and strength and stop letting life play you like a clueless, beta, blue pill simp, chump.

Plug into the podcast and the video channel and I’ll direct you to more resources to help you with building the best version of you and a more empowering life style.

But for now, start here on the email coaching list.


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