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by Franco on October 18, 2016

Project Veritas Exposes: Absolute Collusion Between Hillary Clinton and the Main Stream Media and Massive Election Rigging Racket by Leftists, Communists, DNC and the Clinton Campaign to Incite Violence and Riots at Trump Campaigns and Pose as “Bernie Supporters”

Project Veritas: DNC Schemes to Bully Women at Donald Trump Rally

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RIGGING THE ELECTION: Video 1 Hillary Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Donald Trump Rallies

HILLARY CLINTON PAID FOR THIS: Election Rigging Scam Exposed by Project Veritas Included Hillary Paying to Incite Violence, Civil Unrest and Riots at Trump Rallies – SHE PAID TO HAVE TRUMP SUPPORTERS GET PHYSICALLY ASSAULTED BY PROFESSIONAL PROVOCATEURS

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DAN BONGINO: Project Veritas simply proves what the American people have known for a long time – and they’re simply not taking the brainwashing – they want to #DrainTheSwamp

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe says that television stations across America canceled appearances he was set to make on their networks over fears of “retribution from a future Hillary Clinton administration.”

O’Keefe released his second bombshell video in the space of two days, shocking footage that shows Democratic party operatives scheming on how to “successfully commit voter fraud on a massive scale.”

Yesterday’s video, which proves that the violence at Donald Trump rallies – blamed on Trump’s “rhetoric” by the media – was in fact planned in advance by individuals connected to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, went viral online but received little mainstream coverage.

Now we know why.

“Project Veritas Action had television exclusives lined up around the country, those television stations spiked the story at the last minute,” said O’Keefe.

“Our sources tell us the reason they did so was fear of retaliation and retribution from a future Hillary Clinton administration,” he added, concluding, “Truth is dangerous, especially when it challenges those in power.”

O’Keefe’s revelation that TV networks spiked his story over fears that a future Clinton administration would punish them is absolutely chilling, although not surprising given Wikileaks revelations which show how deeply embedded and subservient to the Clinton campaign the mainstream media really is.

Support O’Keefe and Project Veritas by sharing the bombshell videos below and forcing the media to cover these massive stories.

OBAMA TRYING TO COVER HIS CORRUPT ASS: White House Treating People Like They’re 3 Year Old Toddlers and Warns them to Use ‘Extreme Caution’ as they Watch How they Rig Elections and Commit Mass Voter Fraud – How freaking stupid do you think you are?


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