UPDATES from Power Lead System Live Event in Las Vegas

by Franco on June 26, 2017

UPDATE: Powerful Lineup of Enhancements Coming to Power Lead System Announced at Our Live Event in Las Vegas

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What Happens in Vegas Does NOT Stay in Vegas!

So here’s some quick but IMPORTANT (and exciting) updates:


People asked so here it is…

I’m uploading and linking to my training presentation from Vegas into the PowerLeadSystem member Facebook group. You’ll find it in the FILES section in a bit.

I’ll upload a video showing you how to find it.

Download it.

It’s yours.

Use it.

Redo it in your own voice.

No $997 license fee… it’s yours.


I’ll be doing a live (and recorded) training on that as soon as I get back so you can experience the content. Not the same as at a live event, but still good for your biz.


#1 – Live events are POWERFUL. They bond your business. They make it “real.” And they sell for you and work magic for retention and commitment. People love the energy.

#2 Surprise (kind of) – I knew we’d bring the HEAT at our event but WOW… our leaders know how to create a POWERFUL event experience.

So I’m super fired up that ownership is committing to creating an “event cycle” for us to promote into with the ultimate goal being an awesome 90 day event cycle that will have us coming together at our events as part of our SYSTEM to help close your sales, train your team and attract streams of upgrades into “ALL IN” status which means $$$ for you.

More on that when we get back.

#3 – User Interface MAKEOVER.

Our back office is about to get a BEAUTIFUL extreme makeover. We saw it at the event. Programmers are testing and tweaking a brand new “drag and drop” interface and PLS is about to go 21st Century cutting edge in look, feel and function.

#4 – Your own personal email server!

Coming soon, you’ll be able to have your own email server sending out up to 1 MILLION emails per month to your unlimited size list on your own domain. YOUR OWN SERVER! Nobody else sharing it.

Cutting edge. Deliverability will SOAR.

#5 – More Commish! Soon you’ll have access to additional offers inside our PLS system where you’ll bank up to and beyond $1,000 per transaction with leverage from team building.

Massive. And a powerful evolution of our platform.

#6 – Event cycle offer that will be commissionable.

How cool would it be to GETPAID to have a team learning, earning and growing from coming to our live events? Awesome, right? Stay tuned in. It’s coming.

You invite your list, team and customers to training… we’ll get them to our events… you’ll get more COMMISH!

That’s a solid win-win-win if there ever was one.

And so much more…

Can’t wait to get back.

I’m late.

Gotta run.

More updates later.


CryptoFundRaiser Simple Freedom Crowdfunding Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

Your “Honey Do” List:

1. Join me in PLS. Seriously. Just get in.
Review funnel 1.

Review funnel 2. (just samplers. I have more for you inside)

2. Collect bitcoin with me here. It’s going to blow up.

Review this for now and fund a position inside.

I’m loving two simple bitcoin programs now that are built for long term.

This is the other one.

Just $20 there. $10 platform fee. $10 to position and it grows from there with teamwork. More detailed training and info on this when I get back, but good idea to grab a paid spot. Team builds up under me for this and I’m going FULL BLAST with it so…….. 🙂

See you soon with more “Simple Freedom Meetups & Coaching” in Las Vegas!

Yes, those are coming soon (like now) if you want. Just ask.



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