The Accelerated Leverage Compensation Plan of Power Lead System

by Franco on February 4, 2016

True Leverage in Viral Compensation: The Power Lead System

Why I Choose to Optimize the Leverage of the Power Lead System Compensation Plan

Many people ask me why I choose to promote PLS over so many other systems, programs and offers online that are similar in product style. My answer is always the same. I know there are some really great looking programs out there and great places to learn internet marketing skills.

Where’s the depth? Where’s the leverage?

However, as I really dug deep and analysed them, what I found most of the time was that there simply was not any leverage for building depth built into those plans.

Most programs are just one level, straight affiliate plans where there really isn’t any financial incentive for experienced marketers to teach, mentor or assist others in getting results. In fact, there’s a financial incentive to do the exact opposite.

And after a while, people feel that energy. They feel how the environment is made so that new people are constantly sold by the experienced people and how new prospects and new traffic always ends up gravitating toward the “gurus” doing the teaching.

Guru vs Newbie: Darwinian Marketing

So when a program has no financial incentive for experienced people to build “depth” in teams, the behavior shifts to just focusing on direct selling and then selling to the members other offers, packages, coaching programs and “mastermind events” on the back end. And typically, those back end offers are closed offers, meaning, nobody else gets paid to promote them except the guru that created them.

It’s all good. It’s a business model and it works, for some.

After seeing that and comparing that with what I truly wanted to focus on, which is helping to build teams and helping new people get results and earn increasing amounts of cash flow in simple ways, I chose to go in a different direction.

Get Paid to Sell – Get RICH to Help Newbies and Build Teams

Power Lead System has an unbelievably lucrative compensation plan that incentivizes the leaders to help build teams and help their teammates get results as fast as possible.

Here’s a secret of compensation plans:

How a compensation plan is designed will determine what behavior the sales affiliates will take.

Compensation plans are not really about money, but rather, about “behavior.”

If the compensation plan focuses only on direct sales and one level of financial incentives, that’s all the affiliates are going to focus on. There will be no incentive to “team build” or help new affiliates get going. In fact, instead of that, you’ll see affiliates doing everything possible to cross promote, self promote and sell all kinds of shady stuff to the members “on the down low.” It just happens. It’s just reality. Because comp plans influence “behavior.”

By contrast, when you have a comp plan that richly and aggressively rewards team building and helping new members and training, then you’ll see that behavior play out. That’s why I love promoting Power Lead System.

Watch the video above again.

Are you kidding me?

Team Building psychology is the focus all over this comp plan.

The more you help your teammates, the more passups you receive.

Passup Leverage + 50% Matching Bonus on Your Whole Team

Then remember, you want to help EVERYONE because you earn a full 50% match on all the income anyone on your referral team earns. Put those two elements together and it’s a massive opportunity for team builders.

And the other thing I love is because of the way the comp plan is built, we also have a huge incentive to keep our activities as simple as humanly possible. And I love keeping things simple.

How to maximize this compensation plan in 3 easy steps?

  1. Get in.
  2. Get all in.
  3. Get to our training events.

We keep it that simple. Because it pays to.

Click here to review the program and I’ll see you inside.



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