How to Start an Online Business from Scratch and Profit from the Global Digital Franchise Affiliate Marketing Model

by Franco on August 3, 2017

SIMPLE FREEDOM FIRESIDE CHAT: How to Start an Online Business from Scratch and Profit from the Global Digital Franchise Affiliate Marketing Model

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We’ve been teaching people the basics of building online businesses using the “virtual digital franchise” model of “affiliate marketing” for over 17 years now online.

Through that time we’ve experienced massive triumphs and also some pretty darn devastating (temporary) defeats that taught us a bunch of lessons we apply today.

Along the way, I’ve noticed our biggest wins have always been when we focus on keeping all this stuff as simple as possibe, including keeping the affiliate programs we promote “as simple as possible” too but sometimes it’s out of our control. Some program owners just love to never get out of the “garage” and they over complicate everything and that always hurts affiliate sales and conversions.

On the flip side, whenever we focus and execute on SIMPLICITY in everything we do, we always crush it, sales go up, the marketing becomes simpler, more fun, profits go up and our affiliates get more results and have more fun too.

Those are the biggest lessons just thinking about it right now.

Because of that, what you’ll see me doing in my own marketing and promotions is focusing on bringing to our market only those programs, strategies and systems that truly embrace the worlds of SIMPLICITY and LEVERAGE in as many levels as possible.

The masses can do simple stuff.

The masses enjoy leverage working in their businesses.

Everything works better when it’s simplified and when smart leverage and automation is used.

So that’s what what I can help you do.

Watch the video above and you’ll learn about my flagship program and marketing tool suite that anchors all my affiliate marketing. You can also review the actual marketing funnel here and go through the process.

Simple Freedom Power Lead System Affiliate Marketing Bitcoin Training

If you have any questions about how this “make money online” stuff really works, please just ask.

There are no “secret codes” here or “ancient mysteries” about this stuff at all. That’s all just “gooroo speak” to help churn and burn newbies and keep them in a fog. I don’t play that crap.

I just show you how my own business is laid out and what I do online to get results and I show you how you can model it. Pretty simple, common sense, business fundamentals anchor this whole thing. Then we apply smart leverage and automation with websites, videos and social media to help scale it up and reach more people 24/7.

More on that stuff in upcoming posts and videos…




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