Nevo Energy Drink Launched By Jeunesse Global

by Franco on December 18, 2015

Jeunesse Global Launches Nevo

Nevo Energy Drink Jeunesse Global

“We were thrilled to launch Nevo, our new safe and smart energy drink, at The Americas Convention this past weekend in Orlando, Florida” said a company spokesman for Jeunesse Global of Florida. He went on to say, “The brand’s sleek white cans with black tops made quite the impression, as Jeunesse continues to develop products that help people look and feel young.”

The company says, “Loaded with B-vitamins, Nevo offers a fresh twist on energy in four refreshing flavors:”

Mixed Berry
Açai Grape
Peach Mango 
Lemon Ginger

Nevo will be priced at $53.95/30 CV per case wholesale (24 cans).
Nevo will be priced at $69.95/30 CV per case retail (24 cans).

So that’s about $2.25 per can wholesale ($2.91 retail).

Nevo Redbull Comparison Chart

Click here to review Nevo by Jeunesse Global.

Featuring real fruit juices, Nevo contains:

* Only 50 calories per can
* Green tea
* Guarana extract
* B-Vitamins
* Yerba Mate
* Just the right amount of energy
* No artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners

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They didn’t create the energy drink, of course, but energy drinks are a massive market and growing that’s popular with people across the demographic spectrum.

As far as inside a network marketing distribution model, energy drinks are a great product to have.

They’re simple to explain, super simple to sample and retail, people can just taste them, buy them easily and not have to spend hours answering questions about ingredients like you do many times in most other popular product lines in MLM such as weight loss and nutriceuticals.

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Energy drinks are simple and excellent for customer retention too because people buy them habitually.

They just become a part of your routine. I know energy drinks have been my personal favorite product in the last couple network marketing companies I’ve been involved with both as a customer and an affiliate.

I’m sure Jeunesse is going to crush it with sales in Nevo.

For more information on Jeunesse Global, click here.

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