The TRUTH ABOUT the FTC BK Boreyko CEO of VEEMA with MLM Attorney Kevin Thompson Len Clements and Tony Cannuli

by Franco on January 13, 2017

The TRUTH ABOUT: the FTC Attack on BK Boreyko CEO of VEEMA and it’s aftermath with MLM Attorney Kevin Thompson, Industry Consultant Len Clements and MLM Education Advocate Tony Cannuli | On the present state and the future of the MLM Network Marketing business model…

IN NEW TRUMP ADMINISTRATION: Is the MLM Network Marketing (traditional) model broken, obsolete or due for massive growth?

BK Boreyko, CEO of VEEMA comes on this very controversial show with MLM Direct Selling Attorney Kevin Thompson and Industry Advocate Len Clements.

Tony Cannuli VP of Education MLMIA and Industry Advocate is the host of the show.

On August 24th 2015 the Federal Trade Commission raided the Tempe, Arizona offices of VEEMA. Fifteen agents from the FTC and ten Tempe police officers raided the offices, took all the employees and put them into a room and effectively shut down the entire operation as they started an investigation.

The FTC alleged that VEEMA was running as a pyramid scheme.

BK Boreyko maintains his innocence but the matter has been settled with the government and Boreyko, Thompson and Clements share some insights from that matter as well as other insights going into 2017 for the home based entrepreneur building a network marketing or MLM style business.

WARNING: This show is RAW and very REAL and may even be DISTURBING at points.

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