Just how many good years do you have left

by Franco on August 23, 2010


Just how many years do you have left to sit in fear?


The type of success I’ve had is not about
what you think it is…

I just got back from

“Wisdom Mystery School”

With The Million Mind March.

How was it?

Well, put it this way.

The next one: OCTOBER 15-16 is already
almost sold out. THAT impactful.

It’s an intimate setting where true “CODE”
is revealed to only a few people in “a certain way.”

Impossible to explain on one silly email.

FACTS: Only 32 Seats.
FACTS: 14 already taken.
FACTS: I’ll be going with a large team.
FACTS: You’ll see it’s the ONLY way to get my coaching.
FACTS: The rest of the seats will sell out in 48 hours.
FACTS: Big chance they’ll sell out on tonight’s call.

OPPORTUNITY: The window is now. It’s only $300 bucks.
It’s worth more (way more) than $3,000 THOUSAND.

I pretty much know what you’ve spent and what
you’ve bought before on this roller coaster ride…

Here’s what you want to do:

STEP ONE: http://www.MillionMindMarchBlog.com/wisdom-school

or live OPERATORS 201-439-3232




DIAL IN: 641-594-7000
PIN: 600088#

You do NOT want to miss this call.

I’ll be sharing some powerful information here only.





Wyndham Garden Hotel
NEWARK, New Jersey

Room Rate: $89

Times FRIDAY Oct 15 from 1:30 to ?
Times SATURDAY Oct 16 from 10am to ?

32 Seats.
14 Already taken.

This WILL sell out within 48 hours.

THIS IS THE ONLY WAY to get into my coaching program
or receive any “special coaching/training” :: by being on board
and attending Wisdom Mystery School and being in “The March”


That’s deep. Too deep for just one email.
But stick around and you’ll get your answers.

Video + Blog + Email me at itsFranco@gmail.com
to real and full answer. Just can’t be done on an email.

But here’s the bottom line:

I was living in Arizona just a few months ago
with a business that was comfy but ready for
the next level.

With the coaching of Joe Schroeder…

With his COACHING (Wisdom Mystery School)
With his MASTERMIND (The Million Mind March)
With his CONTENT (EVERYTHING I can get and study :: keyword: study::

I now live in Puerto Vallarta on an UNBELIEVABLE Country Club
Golf Course, working with LESS hassles and MORE business than
I can physically follow up with.

I did NOT change my programs.
I did NOT alter much “mechanics”

What I did was

… The people who were meant to learn this
will attend Wisdom Mystery School and join
my MasterMIND group in the March. THEY
and they alone, are ready to hear this…

The rest will be asking questions that don’t
really matter and they will keep using their
fear of what happened to them in “2005”
stop them from what’s possible in 2010.

The question is… will you?

Will you get past the hang ups
and excuses and commit to it?

Most don’t.

I just started asking myself pretty deep
but simple questions, like:

“Just how many good years do I have left?”

Not total years…

I mean how many good PRODUCING years
do you have left…

To move
To produce
To hustle
To take actions

Just how many good years of THOSE
do you have left?

How fast did the last 5 pass you by?

Did anything change?

This is what DOERS ask themselves nightly.

NOT “how good do your post cards convert?”

That is a superficial question. That question
really does not matter once you have the deeper
one answered. (that’s deep too)

So how many good years do you have left?
And how will you live them?

Most people live them in fear.
Oh, they won’t admit them.

I didn’t either. But it didn’t stop me
from doing “something” about moving
forward in life and getting paid, taking
control, and building a routine based on
a simple philosophy:

I WILL WIN. Period.

I used that simple philosophy
to create my own economy.

The answer to the first deep question
led me to ask others… and THINKING
of those led me to how I created my
own mobile economy and make money
out of thin air just by sharing thoughts
like these here that you are reading…

With other GIANTS like me.

That’s what I do.

People ask me how my post cards convert…

People ask me how my lead capture pages convert…

People ask me what my top 3 ads are today, next week, next month…




“Where’s the fast pot of gold
I can “get” without lifting a finger…”

They just don’t have a clue.

Guys like us just play a totally different game.

We know the code.

And we know to ask the really important
questions like…

“How do I have to think to get those results?”

“How do I have to re-program myself
to allow it to come in?”

“How do I basically HYPNOTIZE
and receive the success that my ego has
always self sabotaged me from…?”

(sorry… that last one was a D-E-E-P
one that scares many away…)

Most people don’t ask “those” questions…

They ask the shallow and superficial ones…

Why do they ask?
How come?
Why ask me that?

Many think that the $$$$$$$ will come by
joining yet another silly “program” and having
some hot “ad” and everything is going to happen
WITHOUT their engagement in the process.

hint: even today’s ad is OLD AS DIRT in time…

What do you do then?

hint: every “new” system is OLD AS DIRT in a month.

What then?

hint: every product or magic “comp plan” gets
cloned in a couple weeks and the “better” one
comes out…

What then?


THAT is SO not the game.
That is a date with FRUSTRATION and Despair

Yet, the funny thing…

And I always find this so fascinating…


Is that when you learn the “CODE” – then
you can use the same old ads and pages and
other pieces of information and “magically”
they work long term. Zen-like, you just flow.
You “work” less. You build more. Because
when you’re focused on the RIGHT THING
to focus on… everything else becomes easier.



Ever wonder why some people join your program
at the same time as you, and everyone else and they
seem to BLOW IT UP and CRUSH it… no matter
where they go?

Same sites.
Same ads.
Same stuff.

MASSIVELY different results.

Ever notice that?

I think of things like that.
I ask different questions.

They lead me to different solutions.

Most people claim “they don’t have the time
for this” and they don’t have time to think or
change or do different.


WAKE UP! call.

You MUST MAKE TIME, or nothing can change.

Does the fact that “you don’t have time” stop
you from joining the past 7 programs?

Did the fact that “you don’t have money or time”
change the reality that you’ve been buying coaching
and courses from “fast money” goo-roos that haven’t
done a thing for you?


You’re going to keep being sold.
You’re going to keep buying.

You’re the influenced.

And you’re going to keep doing what the
influenced do. Send their money to the INFLUENCE.

Nobody has taught you that.

That little piece of “freedom maker” was “on the house.”

But it was important to give it to you as a gift.

I’m leading you to where you can learn
finally… to BE the INFLUENCE.

I’m inviting you to learn how to dance
on the receiving side of the cash register.

And it’s not the type of training you think
you need…

Here’s the problem with most people…

Most people have been “Rocked to Sleep”
and these are the mediocre dreams they
see in that lost state of “clock in, clock out”
that they live in…

“How can I make fast money”
“How can I make money without doing anything”
“How can I create success by not studying success?”
“I can’t… (fill in the blank here)”
“I’m not _____ enough.”
“If that goo-roo would just give me a hot ad…”
“If I only join that new “system”…

My success.
ANYBODY’S success who
is BIG TIME in this arena…

Did NOT come from the BS ads,
sites, capture pages etc…

It came from

(and you already know this)

It came from their CONFIDENCE level
and their SELF IMAGE and how they
projected that INTO YOU…

You didn’t buy their “system”
You bought their CHARISMA

To substitute for YOUR “at bat”

You didn’t buy their “post card”
You bought their INFLUENCE

So that maybe theirs can create the
results that the lack of yours has not
been able to.

I love you man.

That’s exactly why this is flowing
right here and right now.

If I was born with any kind of “gift”
that I’ve felt but always been kinda
scared of… it’s this…

I feel people.

That’s weird.

But I do. Always have.

I feel people. Their frustrations. Their emotions.
Their desires. Their broken-ness. Their longing for
something. For self value. For release of pain.

I can FEEL them.

And so I’ve been always pulled to help them.
To help them see what I think is so simple…
but they can’t seem to “see.”

It puts even more emotion and heart into
what I do and it can be a straight DRAINING,
TORTURE but I feel this for a reason and I
feel it’s my responsibility to keep teaching,
sharing, giving and leading… so I can help them.

All of them.

And that drives how I write.

That drives why I offer what I do (I screw that up sometimes)
That drives my OBSESSED, PSYCHOTIC FOCUS to find,
deliver, share, create, instill, teach and pass on…

Whatever it is that’s allowed me to tap into
something that when you “get it”

Is so utterly simple…

wikipedia it.

But so hard for others to grasp.

When is the last time you felt a purpose
like that driving your life?

Average people, family and friends call it

I call it a Life Assignment.
A calling. A purpose.

And when I’m engaged in creating or sharing
these things and solutions and ideas and concepts
with others that can hear it… others where time
is right and they are tuned into it…

I don’t need sleep.
I don’t need fluff.
I don’t need “the goo-roo” system.
I don’t need widgets or hype.

I just need two things:

1. word
2. mastermind

Napoleon Hill
Og Mandino
Jim Rohn
Joe Schroeder
Tim Robbins
Frank Kern
Zig Ziglar
William James
George Bernard Shaw
John Lennon
Jim Morrison
And others…

Found that same feeling in their own way.

And all they needed was

1. word
2. mastermind

Fascinating, isn’t it.

So I chose to agree with them…

Instead of with the polar opposite
view which was fed to me by society.

I looked at those people up there…
And I compared with “society people”

Not even a nano-second…

I chose who I’d run with.

Trouble is…

Most people want my kind of results..

While still choosing to hide within
a Society that does not believe
, want,
condone and many times is in complete
opposition to the concepts and ideas
that I prove to be true each day of my life.


Doesn’t work.

What I found in Joe Schroeder is
finally someone that has the “gift”
of teaching people:

1. How to discover and develop this skill.
Yes, you can learn it (because inside you
already feel it, or you wouldn’t be here.

2. How to share it with others in a way
they can understand it.

Look out for some videos and blog posts
that will break it down.

It’s simply IMPOSSIBLE to do it
“quick, fast and in a hurry” on an email.

And people looking for that LIE will
continue to waste their time and money
chasing “goo-roos” rip off “systems”
and the “easy solution to life” button…

Great. Good luck.

You came to me for solutions.

I’ve given them to you.

I’ve placed them right into your hands.

All you have to do is close your hand with your heart and take them.

And share them with others.

What are they Franco?

1. $12.95 Book+CDs+MP3s+Mastermind Trial+Booklets etc. WOW.

2. $300 Wisdom Mystery School. A very real $10,000 value that’s ACTIONABLE.

3. $? ME. Real teaching + coaching + Lets do this together.

Quick question…

Last time you called your so-called “goo-roo”
did they ever call you back? Email? hmmm.

Try this.

Call me: 760-271-2810 cell.
Call Joe: 973-418-9261 cell.

Oh… just know (and this is cool)

This is fascinating…

Fascinating when you really think about it…

Joe Schroeder.

Has trained the MEGA top super producers
this industry has ever seen.

The man has DEEP levels of knowledge and wisdom
that most are too scared to even ask about…

He understands THIS NICHE and its PSYCHOLOGY
re: Marketing + Mindset and what makes them buy
better than anybody else out there period.

He makes OBSCENE amounts of money.

In fact

I have seen him (with my own eyes) make
about $15,000 out of thin air in a bout 10 minutes…

Big deal right?

Your goo-roo did that and more?

Try this though…

With no website, no blog, no emails, no lead capture,
no “launch”, no seo, no product ( ? ) no social network site,
no click bank, no advertising, no script, no promps…

Just word.

And I just gave you his cell phone number.

Want to experience something pretty cool?

Call him up.

So, … look my soon to be front line
partner in the battle for freedom, it’s like this…

You know this and I know this…

There is no coincidence.

You came to me.

You came with questions.
You came seeking something.

bottomline is this…

This is just between two entrepreneurs, right?

It’s like this…

If I can’t sell you, I can’t help you.

A mind in tune with the spirit of
free enterprise understands that.

It doesn’t need to be explained.

Wisdom never needs an explanation.

If I can’t sell you, I can’t help you.

And… this one is deeper:

YOU need to be real, now.

You need to BE real. Now.


You need to be real, now… because the
people looking for your leadership just
don’t have the time for your fear.

You don’t either.

I’m not saying buy everything I got.

You’ve already bought a ton of crap.
You’ve already worked real hard in life.

Is that ever gonna stop?

I mean

You’re going to keep working hard.
You’re going to keep thinking hard.
You’re going to keep seeking hard.

This is probably something you have
never seen done in this way ever before.

I’d get easier sales by doing what “they”
have done to you to make bucks…

But how’s that worked for you?

Build any deep and real relationships with
that crap?

Did any of that help you ATTRACT A CROWD?

Did any of that help you INCITE A MOVEMENT?

(if you’re already on my team – save this email)

How did all that crap work out?

I’m sharing with you something usually kept secret…

I’m saying

business results in this arena are SO MUCH SIMPLER
than all the crap you’ve been fed…

I’ve placed your hands down in some very
delicious water…

Question is

Will you pull your hands up and drink it?

It’s not gonna happen without YOU.

I can help.

But you need to help yourself too.

It’s only two simple steps:

STEP ONE: (if you are not already a member)

Call this number and order the $12.95 package. (cheaper than lousy Chinese food)

1-800-772-9781 Ext. 10


Lock in Wisdom Mystery School. Lock it in now
before this thing sells out.


LIVE OPERATORS: 201-439-3232

Will sell out this week for sure. Just do it now.

Then call me: 760-271-2810
Call Joe: 973-418-9261

Just call him up and say “Thank You Joe, 20+ years
of putting this together and changing lives… I’m in. See you in October.”


Hey , here’s another tip
from 9 years full time experience and
18 years in the business…

MOST people won’t do this.

Smart. A few real smart ones will.
Their lives will change. This is exactly
what happened to me. This is we learn
to do what we do. This is how it happens.

And the thing is, people just don’t know
how much bonus training, bonus time, bonus
coaching and what guys like me who live by
the CODE and the Law of Over Deliver…

They will never find out just how much
extra value we give away to those who
take a vote… and trust me…



Amazing isn’t it?
Isn’t it fascinating that people will dump THOUSANDS
of $$$Dollars$$$$ on junk stuff they already KNOW
will NOT work…

And all we ask, is for a little commitment to show up
and shake our hands… and hang out with us OFF THE INTERNET…

OFF the emails
OFF the calls
OFF the webinars

And hang out in REAL life for two days
of real teaching, growing and stretching…

Mano a Mano

With people that KNOW and have been
DOING this for a long time…


This is how we filter in our next leaders.
You’re watching how this works right now…


Write this down:



Dial In: 641-594-7000
PIN: 600088#

I’ll be there hanging out and sharing some
valuable stuff… see you there.

Peace, Love, Freedom and a bunch of Fun,

Franco Gonzalez
Nerd / Book WORM / Jungle Hiker / USMC / Freedom Fighter
Thinker / Blue Collar Artist / Beatnik + Profits / Kerouac Cool

It’s a THINKING man’s game. Call me to play for pink slips.

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