Brainwashing Guys MGTOW

by Franco on November 18, 2019

Brainwashing Guys – MGTOW: How “the matrix” Fraud System We Live Under Mind Controls Men and Raises Slave Manginas, “White Knights” and SIMPS to Self Destruct in a Crazy Slavery Loop

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“Hey Sandman, how can we raise or help our blue pill, mangina / simp children or friends to see the bigger red pill picture?”

But first a little bit of my back story: When I was younger I found that life was meaningless.

I was also lonely and desperate for a mate and was willing to pour all my energies into women.

I always hoped to die and wished that God had given this life to someone else. So I enlisted in the military in the hopes of dying honorably. Today however I am happy but still get these emotions from time to time.

And with regards to my family, my mother has always been a weird and distant one and I recently took the time to actually see her for what she is. I was never taught to be independent and have always been a nice guy and when I get into relationships I’m a hopeless romantic but in the past my shyness stopped me from dating.

I’ve avoided retail jobs because i hated the stress on my mind from ringing up an attractive woman on the cash register.

I would blush and sweat when they were around.

What I shared this story with my brother he told me to date them anyways to gain experience. I sometimes wish i took his advice but didn’t. My only meaningful relationship is with my now wife Sally.

And i had a complete puppy love relationship we lasted about 2 years but that ended in high school. Eventually during my military training in California i got back in contact with Sally and we got back together over the phone.

I cheated on Sally with a woman named Zee, had a kid with her and ended the relationship.

Zee wanted to have a baby 4 months into the relationship, didn’t use birth control or condoms and I blindly wanted a baby really badly. She wanted to marry very soon into the relationship.

I wouldn’t propose to her so she eventually proposed to me and I said yes. She also threatened to kill herself and often cut herself. She was also kicked out of her parents house and I offered for her to stay with me at my parents.

Later on she got a basement apartment and I paid her rent and food. I was a complete captain save a hoe situation. I pitied her and was confused thinking that I loved her.

I later left Zee because Sally was back in the picture again and I took her father’s advice to be happy for myself and to not live a life just to keep my family together. I got back with sally slowly and with her help i began taking nibbles at the red pill.

And realizing how blind i was I hated zee very much for a while and now i just pity her in another way. It’s no longer compassion.

I am now married and have a 6 month old with Sally.

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If you’re a slave (I mean, a man) and you KNOW something is a bit “off” with how society demands you live and how your inner soul calls on you to build freedom and independence into your life, and you want to learn more about how this fraud of a system has been built on your back to enslave you…

One of many helpful resources out there that can help you wake the fuck up and straighten out your life is this guy, Sandman’s youtube channel.

Anyway, enough about that.

When you’re ready to lock arms with me and build piles of free flowing cash flow so you can build an independent life, review my Simple Freedom Club here.

I can teach  you this stuff step by step.



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