MacronLeaks and Why Are Leaks Against Left Never Ending?

by Franco on May 6, 2017

STEFAN MOLYNEUX: MacronLeaks – Why is this Happening (again – and so soon – and… LOL)?

WikiLeaks, Alternative Media, Citizen Journalism and the Liberty Movement

The people are sick and tired of the fraud of “globalism”, leftism and their corrupt hypocrisy and they’re getting massive blowback from insiders who realize what a fraud they truly are.

With “mainstream media” always working their asses off to cover up, deflect from and distract people from the massive crimes, frauds and corruption of the failing globalist leftists all over the world, more and more insiders are willing to leak truth, data and documents to alternative publishers and social media networks where the public can see for themselves how the system is rigged against them and how they are being played by the frauds of the political racketeering class of “elitists” who focus and lust after complete control and political power.

Fuck them.

Fight for freedom.

Don’t fear them.

They’re weak, cowards and complete frauds.

Stand up.

We continue to be the REAL #Resistance.

This is exactly why everyone should be focused on building their own networks, expressing themselves on their own platforms and creating their own micro economies.

This is exactly why we do what we do.

Learn more below and get active. Get “red pilled.” And lock arms with other liberty warriors and get the hell out of their matrix. Build your own freedom by exposing their fraud and corruption.

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