ROI Unlimited Conversation with Franco Gonzalez

by Franco on February 6, 2011

ROI Unlimited. A candid conversation with Franco Gonzalez regarding ROI Unlimited and the home based business industry.

I do NOT promote ROI UNLIMITED anymore because it turned
out to be a very FLAWED program…

For more information on what program I CAN help you in
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Many people play “victim” in this industry and they blame “lack of training” or “lack of support” as the main reasons they quit their programs.

But if they really considered the lack of integrity in those statements, they’d plainly see that “victimhood” is a lie and even if it was remotely true, that mindset would still render them useless to any team and sure to fail in any other entrepreneurial endeavor.

A true entrepreneur… a person with the success oriented, free enterprise loving mindset would NEVER mentally allow themselves to be dominated by what other people DO or DON’T DO for them.

A true free enterpriser WILLS success to manifest in their lives at all costs and NEVER even dreams of blaming anyone but themselves for any negative results, trials and tribulations on their journey… because to do so invites utter self inflicted self loathing.

A real entrepreneur would rather chew on fist fulls of sharp shards of glass rather than not take full responsibility for learning and being resourceful enough to figure out how to succeed at their chosen craft.

This “lack of training” or “lack of support” excuses is the “cry of victory” for thumbsuckers the world over… those poor saps live in the fetal position always screaming with pride how they “don’t know the computer” or “are not good at writing” or “can’t write emails” or “are almost done (after 6 months) creating their first capture page” or “just don’t get how this works” or “nobody calls me back” etc…

Maybe in the pre-internet days, maybe, I’d let one off the hook every once in a while with that lame locker full of excuses… but today… all you have to do is search on google and youtube and you can find the answers and resources and information to learn ANYTHING and you can do it quickly.


Try it.

Google or search for videos on anything you’ve claimed you “don’t know.”

It’s all there in seconds.

In addition to that, we now have “sales funnels” that do the heavy lifting in almost ALL programs by default, so the things you have to “learn” are more isolated and are mainly related to your knowledge and practice of emotional intelligence and the art and science of learning how to make people fall in like with you… that’s it.

If you can focus on learning how to elevate your own self image and confidence level… and if you learn the art of turning strangers into friends with the skill of learning how to start simple conversations… this entire industry then builds under you with simple invitations…

It becomes a game of “invitations” and relationship building. That’s it and that’s all and that only takes COURAGE and the ability to WILL yourself to get comfortable being uncomfortable until it’s comfortable again…

And NO sponsor can teach you that.

That’s a lonely game we all play inside our mind.

So get off your butt and CHANGE. Fall in love with little changes…

Change your mindset…

Change your personality…

Change your self image and confidence…

Change the way you look at people and life…

CHANGE. Fall in love with change.

Learn how to impress the universe with increase…

Because the energy YOU endorse, always turns back, smiles and endorses itself INTO YOU… so be careful what you argue for… you’ll always get to keep it.

Most people will continue to argue for and to endorse an energy of “I CAN’T” or “IT WON’T” or “It’s a Scam” and they will continue to suck on their thumbs with pride… and be broke, busted, bitter, angry and boo-hoo their way through life…

Others will post simple little videos like these with targeted keywords on youtube, and will start these simple little conversations inside people’s minds that literally have no other option other than to OBLIGATE the universe to send even more VICTORY, FREEDOM and SUCCESS directly to our dinner table.

And we will continue to attract droves of winners to raise their sword with us and thrive.

Franco Gonzalez
I am because I chose to remember who
I was born to be and I will not be denied.

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