Mark Zuckerberg’s Billion Dollar Secret

by Franco on September 7, 2015

Ever notice this?

Everyday as you’re scrolling through Facebook
reading about the latest drama about your cousin’s
new boyfriend (who’s a complete idiot)… in between
cute cat pics and rants about the government…

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You find yourself liking, commenting and
checking out some other articles as you waste
time in between appointments, or even in the
bathroom (we all do it).

Without you knowing, Zuck (Owns Facebook)
has been following you around everywhere you

From the ad you click, to the time you were
checking out a the score of last weeks’ baseball
game, to the time you were searching for the
putter Jason Speith uses (like that’s going to
help your game)…

… everywhere you go, Zuck knows.

And that’s the Billion Dollar Zuckerberg Quiz…

Quite simply, when you’re online, he’s got his
minions finding out WHAT you like and WHERE
you’re going so that he can SELL that data
to advertisers in the form of interested and
targeted eyeballs.

Traffic Authority Simple Freedom

Same with Google…

You type in what you want and Google shows
you ads and results from businesses paying
premium prices.

This is how Facebook and Google are able to
charge premium prices to businesses to place
their ads, in front of YOU ­­ because they know
what you’re interested in and where you spend
your time… and MONEY… every time you’re

Powerful intel, right?

That’s how traffic works.

“Traffic” just means website visitors.

Nothing complicated or “secret” about it.


What if YOU could make money like Zuck?

Imagine ­­ every time a business owner wants to
get eyeballs on their business ­­YOU get paid.

Imagine being the resource that thousands
of online business owners go to when they
want traffic to their websites?



Well, that’s what Traffic Authority gives
you the opportunity to do.


See, Traffic Authority is primarily focused on
selling traffic packages to online business
owners and letting their automated system sell
traffic tools, and traffic training, which will
create repeat customers for you.

Then after they become a retail customer,
if they decide they want to become a reseller,
the person who referred them (YOU) will start
earning from their efforts as well.

Truth is, we’re just scratching the surface here
about how revolutionary this concept is and
how much of an IMPACT it will make on
your life (and bank account)…

To learn the details of how you can start
earning money every time online entrepreneurs
buy traffic, click here and watch the video.



Franco Gonzalez

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