Did Simple2Advertise Eat FB Post Magic Lunch?

by Franco on March 17, 2013

Simple2Advertise Releases FB Post Magic – like Tool that
Posts with Embedded Opt In Forms in Facebook Newsfeed

So, did Simple2Advertise Just KILL FB Post Magic?

Well that depends…

…on if you’re  a member of Empower Network or not.

Or does it?

(this is the FB Post Magic tool in action)

FB Post Magic Bonus with Franco Gonzalez


(and this below is the new Simple2Advertise Facebook Poster in action)

Simple2Advertise Facebook Posting Tool

Simple2Advertise is a marketing tool suite company who created a suite of funnels and marketing systems to be used by Empower Network members who wanted options as far as custom and different tools to build their list and sell Empower Network.

They also provide traffic generation resources, traffic coops, facebook tab page funnels, banners, mobile marketing funnels and a whole host of tools mainly created for existing Empower Network affiliates.

When FB Post Magic came out two nights ago, it quickly went viral on facebook and in the industry and they’ve reportedly generated about $45,000 in the tool’s launch as of writing this post. But is it over before it even got started?

I don’t know.

Maybe not.

You just never know in this fast moving cut-throat arena though…

If ONE kid at Simple2Advertise can take just 2 nights to develop a competing tool…
…at a lower cost and just release it FREE of any additional fee in their member base…

ANYONE else in the internet marketing tool suite business will probably program and create their own versions of this popular tool idea.

So here’s the bottom line………

#1: It is NOT a good time to be in the “one-tool-at-a-time” business model.
These kids are SO FAST to model and innovate competing tools, it’s scary!


#2: Review the options you have available and make the best decision for you.

If you’re in Empower Network, you might not want to spend the
$27/mth on only ONE tool… then the minimum $97/mth to be
an affiliate to offset your own cost.

You can just own the Simple2Advertise suite of tools and
get WAY MORE value at just $47/mth and a 50% referral fee.

If you are NOT in Empower Network then you have a decision to make…….

You can choose to own FB Post Magic and pay the minimum $97/mth
to promote it and earn the 50% 1st tier and the 25% 2nd tier commissions…


You can actually buy the Simple2Advertise tool suite and IGNORE EVERYTHING
except the Facebook Posting Tool… and still get it for $47/mth and a 50% referral fee.

Totally up to you.

It’s my job to just repot to you and let you know what’s going on the
crazy “Wild-Wild-West” of the internet marketing tool business arena.


Tools are great!

I use them all the time…


I AM SO HAPPY that I market Empower Network because
it’s SO valuable to have offers that just can’t be cloned!!!

It is NOT a good time to be just in the “one-tool-at-a-time”
business. It’s too brutal and fast and these youngsters are
just SO smart and quick to innovate and implement and…


…and talking about lunch…

You can buy (which you should) Empower Network by
clicking on the gigantic “obnoxious-on-purpose” banner
below and go through the powerful video…

Join Empower Network Level One Network Sucks

Until the next review…


Have a great day and I’ll see you on the net!

Franco Gonzalez

Franco Gonzalez Limu Company Review


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