Blog Training for Liberty Movement Patriots and Veterans How to Monetize Truth Media

by Franco on March 20, 2017

Blog Training: Liberty Movement Patriots and Veterans | How to Monetize Truth Media

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BLOG TRAINING: In this video I walk you through my daily process of creating a blog post and embedding my own promotions in it to collect leads and generate sales in an online business.

By watching other liberty movement patriots and truth media leaders, I studied how they setup their platforms to allow them to self-fund their operations with direct marketing. I studied how to they attracted their audience, how they share information and content and how they sell products and services in an independent way.

It works great for them but there was a major problem with their model: It’s doesn’t duplicate well to normal people out here on the main streets and in the masses. It takes exceptional marketing and selling skills to build your own direct marketing, self-funding platform like the one Alex Jones has built that fuels his site.

I wanted to figure out a way to make it a much more simple but still, very effective process so that the masses in the grass roots can share liberty movement and truth media content, attract like-minded people and also monetize their operations.

I found a solution.

I merged truth media content and social network audience building, with “leveraged affiliate marketing” as a monetization tool. Affiliate marketing is everywhere and it’s easy to replicate and duplicate.

In fact, in our Simple Freedom Media operation we actually build high converting sales systems and immediately share them with our team of affiliates. Our team of affiliates then can market directly into those systems with advertising, buying traffic and/or social media marketing strategies.

They can also market into them by creating or sharing content in any genre or niche of their desire so long as there is a significant market of people consuming that kind of information.

It’s a perfect combination for what we in the Liberty Movement and the Truth Media arena need to build financially strong, financially independent, sustainable and scalable platforms that self-fund with direct marketing and direct sales (without having to become so pro salesperson).

Blog marketing and content marketing like the kind I show you in this video is just one of many ways we teach.

I hope you enjoy the value in this video and if you have any questions, just private message me on my facebook page here. It’s the fastest way to get to me directly.

I’ll see you on the next video.

Franco Gonzalez

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Simple Freedom Easy Exitus Elite Power Lead System Info

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