The Truth About Liberal Fascism, Crime, the Electoral Map and Political Protests

by Franco on November 12, 2016

THE TRUTH ABOUT: Liberal Fascism, Crime Rates, the Electoral Map and Violent Political ‘Protests’…

Electoral Map Crime Rate Liberal Fascism Leftists Protests Riots

Maybe the radical leftists and liberals should stop pontificating and start cleaning up their own house…

These same areas are where the violent political ‘protests’ and riots are happening all the time too.

It’s not too complicated at all to figure out why Donald Trump and his movement just handed the democrats and ‘progressives’ the most massive and epic political defeat in the history of this nation.

Here’s how to break it down.

Step 1: Look at the picture above.

Step 2: Look at where the left concentrates its base.

Step 3: Look at where crime rates are highest.

Step 4: Look at where all the crybully snowflakes, anarchists and “professional protesters” are rioting right now.

Pretty simple, right?

So, the liberal fascist left needs to stand down, lick their wounds, stop offering their discredited opinions about ANYTHING right now, and start cleaning up their own filthy house.

Start with the pathetically fraudulent “Main Stream Media” you rely on for hoaxes, fake agenda pushes and manipulative psyop  campaigns. The people are on to you. They hate you. Everybody hates you and nobody trusts you. Start over.

If you allow your stupid “main stream media” to keep doubling down on their fraud ‘journalism’ the people will never allow you to win an election again. They’re THAT sick of your fake “news” and spin.

And that “pundit” and “talking head” model you like to shove down the people’s throats – it failed MISERABLY. Get rid of those fake “experts.” They’re laughable. They get mocked 24/7 on social media and that attaches itself to the candidates they push and those candidates get slaughtered.

Then there’s your “leadership” like Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Donna Brazile.

Unethical liars, hoaxers and hacks. They cheated YOUR OWN candidates. How the world can you keep having corrupt people that can be bought so completely “lead” you? That’s political insanity. Get rid of all of them. Start fresh and pray they’re ethical people and not corrupt puppets that can easily be bought by the next “Clinton Machine” that props up.

The more democratic ‘leadership’ allows their useful idiot base to act like a massive pile of petulant, entitled, tantrum throwing thugs, the more they will solidify an easy 2018 election cycle and a Donald Trump second term landslide.

Arrogant left….. you have some thinking to do.

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