Introduction to Internet Marketing Funnel Systems

by Franco on May 25, 2016

What is a Marketing Funnel? Introduction to Internet Marketing Funnel Systems.

Online Marketing Funnels add Sales Automation and Leverage.

The Anatomy of an Effective Internet Marketing Funnel:

** Promotion: Targeted simple messages pointed at niche-targeted audience.

** Lead Capture Page: Offers free info. Collects emails.

** Sales Page 1: Offers ultra high quality, high value offer for ultra low price.

** Upsell 1: Offers higher priced offer. High profit margin.

** Downsell 1: Offers lower priced offer. High profit margin.

** Big Ticket Offer: Ultra high profit sale.

** Monthly Recurring Offer: Membership site or subscription: Recurring income.

Back-End Marketing Funnel Keeps Selling for You:

** Continuity Marketing: Every time your new customer logs in to use product or service, they see additional offers.

** Email Marketing: Email List marketing sends out value and other offers. Pure profit sales.

** Community Marketing: Online community or facebook groups, masterminds etc. keep selling and retaining.

** Social Media Marketing: Social Networking  continues the relationship and keeps increasing Lifetime Customer Value.


That’s the real end game.

You want to serve your market then serve your customers and when you do that well you will generate continuing sales on the “back end” of your marketing funnel. The more your existing customers stay on monthly subscriptions and buy additional offers, the higher the lifetime customer value of each existing customer and affiliate becomes.

Add up all the commissions you’ve earned and divide that up by how many total customers have bought from you.

That lets you know what your “Lifetime Customer Value” is.

For example, if you’ve made $250,000 in commissions in the past 6 months and you’ve sold to 350 customers, you’d have a Lifetime Customer Value of, $714 ($250,000/350 = $714.¬†

So you can then know that each new customer, in about 6 months, is worth about $714 to your business.

They buy that first low priced offer (high quality, low price less than about $40), but then they buy other higher priced offers and monthly subscription offers while inside your “back end marketing funnel” and your training or mastermind environment/community.

Are You Delivering Value to Your Existing Customers and Affiliates on the Back End?

You should always strive to generate consistent first time sales and then also focus on servicing your customers as best as possible in your back end marketing environment. The better you do that, the more they’ll buy and that’s what causes your Lifetime Customer Value to increase.

Your mission in business is to increase that Lifetime Customer Value as much as possible through time. You add other offers, monthly subscriptions, leveraged compensation offers, big ticket, little ticket, monthly ticket etc.

Internet Marketing Funnels allow you to automate and leverage this whole process as much as possible.

A good funnel allows you to focus primarily on promoting that first offer. Then the actual funnel continues to market and close sales of your back end marketing funnel offers for you, as you continue to focus on new sales.


** Lead Lightning: Marketing Funnel by Power Lead System.

** Enviralizer: High quality, low price offer. Perfect for first offer.

** Simple Freedom Academy: Back end marketing funnel offer. Higher profit margin.

** Simple Freedom Alliance: Monthly coaching program. Recurring monthly income.

** Simple Freedom Elite: Big ticket commissions. High value products and services.

** Divvee Social: Easy, fun super low priced “team build” offer for exponential leverage. Passive income.

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