How to Create Custom Affiliate Marketing Micro Funnels to Sell Any Offer

by Franco on December 8, 2016

VIDEO TRAINING: How to Create Custom Affiliate Marketing Micro Funnels to Sell Any Offer

Micro Funnels: Attract More Leads. Convert More Sales. Automate Your Business

Let me let you in on one of my dirty little secrets.

Most people online trying to sell stuff fail because they’re not trained on these little details or they get too lazy and people don’t feel any rapport, trust or compelled to buy from their offers at all.

That sucks.

Because many times these are affiliates promoting many of the same or similar, high quality offers that I promote.

They fail.

I suck in sales daily.


To be honest, it could be many reasons but what I’m about to share with you is, often, a really big reason why I out sell and out convert most of the people out there selling the same stuff I do.

I call them “Micro Funnels.”

I create these little “micro selling funnels” for all my main affiliate promotions and they give me a massive edge in converting more traffic to leads and more leads to actual sales.

The video above takes you through a little 34 minute coaching session that gives you all the details so I’ll cut this part right to the core.

Here’s what a good converting “micro selling funnel” consists of:

  1. A crisp, targeted offer on a “lead capture page” to collect email leads.
  2. A custom email follow up campaign that gets sales into the future.
  3. A “bridge page” or little “raport-building-intro-page” usually consisting of a video that pre-sales the main offer.
  4. A video sales page that delivers the main sales presentation and takes orders.

That’s the anatomy of a decent “micro-marketing-funnel.”

I use them for all my main promotions and here’s why…

They help me build rapport and trust with cold leads.

They help me take cold traffic and warm it up into pretty hot, targeted, interested buyers.

When you have a system that focuses on receiving targeted but really cold traffic and turns that cold traffic into warm prospects that kinda know you, like and trust you…

…you create a significant advantage.

A system that takes in cold traffic and spits out hot buyers?

I’m all over it, right?

Back this kind of micro selling funnel into your existing social media routine and get it dialed in just right and you have yourself a consistent and stable way to leverage all the social media “cold traffic” and paid advertising traffic you can handle.

And if you take a look at the mechanics of how to create these, they’re not complicated at all.

** Lead Capture Page.
** Email follow up autoresponder.
** Bridge/Intro Video Page.
** Video Sales Page.

That’s it.

Simple Freedom Academy Automated Marketing Funnel

The trick many times (specially for inexperienced people) is to find a collection of internet page building tools and email marketing tools and copywriting that pulls it all together and is easy and effective in the real market.

That’s not so simple.

Unless, of course, you’ve been following me and know that I use one “internet marketing tool box” that has all those tools in one location for a steal of deal – a great price (plus a great affiliate pay plan too).

I use Power Lead System to create these.

It contains every single tool in one place that you need to pull it off.

It also gives you the ability to create an unlimited amount of these for whatever offers you want to promote.

And then, the only ingredient left to add to the recipe is: Traffic.

And I use for that.

Simple Freedom Academy Power Lead System Micro Sales Funnels

It’s automated traffic that a professional agency sends into your offers.

They do the advertising.

They do the actual traffic generation.

You simply order it and give them the link to the website you want the traffic to go to.

They send you traffic.

You collect leads.

It’s automates all the grunt work.

Anyway, so that’s my little marketing dirty secret for today.

It works.

I’ve got it dialed in.

Been doing it this way with full time results for years.

And if you want, I can create a funnel for you too.

When people buy my courses and programs, they get “VIP Service” in that I create and setup their marketing funnels for them. It helps us all avoid any prolonged “learning curve” time and they are up and running asap collecting leads and closing sales…

…and we  both get paid.

If you’d like me to create and setup your next marketing funnel, simply let me know.

You can review and order Simple Freedom Academy here.

You can review and order Power Lead System here.

With that, you’ll have a complete “affiliate marketing business in the box” ready to go.

See you on the next post,


P.S. Remember, if you need traffic to your offers, go here.

It’s a solid, dependable source for automated “done-for-you” traffic generation for any program you’re promoting.

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