Instagram Marketing Tips for Social Media Marketing

by Franco on April 14, 2016

Instagram Marketing Strategies: How to Leverage Instagram to Create More Leads and Sales in Your Business


Instagram can be a powerful ally in your business or it can be a complete waste of time.

Which one it’ll be for you, as always, depends on how you use it. I recommend before you fly off and blow all kinds of loot on fake accounts (which I never recommend, anyway), autoposting software and a bunch of hashtag hacks, learn a couple of powerful, ever green, effective marketing principles.

Instagram Marketing Tips for Social Media Marketers


Step 1: Load up a good profile pick.

Step 2: Create your bio to briefly tell a bit of your story. Add link to main website.

Step 3: Make a list of people to follow. Influencers, movers and shakers and people or brands you’re truly interested in following. Quick access to targeted people (their followers).

Step 4: Post. Keep it simple for starters. Include captions with strategic hashtags and call to action.

Step 5: Engage with the community. Like and comment on other people’s posts.

The Biggest ‘Secret’ to Success with Social Media was Actually Written About 100 Years Ago in this Weird Little Book

Remember to use the concepts learned from the ancient book: “How to Win Friends & Influence People” by Dale Carnegie and apply those concepts directly to your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter engagement.

Dale Carnegie How to Win Friends Influence People

Remind people occasionally to also follow you on your other favorite platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc and invite to your blog and to review your bio.

The people you follow and engage with and the hashtags you use in your content will determine what kind of people you’ll attract to your Instagram and other sites. Focus on creating micro stories (micro narratives) with your posts here on Instagram. Focus on delivering value to your market with your posts.

These concepts are evergreen.

They work and they work long term. Add this to what you’re already doing.

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