Joel Gilbert Documentary Film Maker on Liberal Fascism Hillary Clinton Progressivism Cultural Marxism Operative

by Franco on October 19, 2016

INTERVIEW: Joel Gilbert Interviewed by Alex Jones Expose the Liberal Fascism Hillary Clinton is Installing

The Truth About Liberal Fascism, Globalism, Hillary Clinton, Progressivism, Cultural Marxism and How Obama and Clinton Are New School Anti-American Marxist Operatives from the Communist Breeding Grounds of Bill Ayers’ & Saul Alinsky’s Chicago

Liberal Fascism <—- You better learn about this venom asap.

Joel Gilbert Alex Jones Liberal Fascism Infowars Simple Freedom Cultural Marxism

The School System ‘INDOCTRINATED’ you – it didn’t educate you on Liberal Fascism

Did your little ‘progressive’ cultural marxist teacher educate you on what ‘Liberal Fascism’ is? Where did it start? What does it mean? How does it work? And why do the radical ‘progressives’ of the democrat party adhere to it like a cult following?

Sick and Tired of being mind controlled, programmed and brain washed by the ‘main stream media’ and the pack of ‘Cultural Marxist’ Globalists who have hijacked your country and culture?

Wake up: Truth Media served up daily here.

Then learn the 21st Century ‘Simple Freedom’ skills you can use to create your own work (so you don’t have to beg a politician or corporate hack for work), create your own cash flow so you can buy your own freedom and liberty…

…or, just keep bending over and stay asleep, live a life of mediocrity as a tax slave for authoritarian regimes, get over worked, under paid, completely stressed out, hyper taxed, get sick of heart disease, diabetes or weird cancers and die slowly after having lived a sheep’s life of misery.

It’s your choice.

SIMPLE FREEDOM: Your old economy skills are useless and will keep you enslaved and broke in this new vicious globalist world they are dumping us in. You need to learn the 21st Century skills that help you take advantage of the situation and create your own cash flow so you can get the hell out of their rigged ‘Matrix’ and live a life of your design. Fight back here. Free training. Free info.

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