LIBERAL FASCISM DOG WHISTLE: Lady Gaga in Bizarre Costume at Hillary Clinton Rally is Likened to a Nazi Uniform

by Franco on November 8, 2016

‘SHE LOOKS LIKE A FUTURISTIC NAZI’: Outrage as Lady Gaga’s bizarre costume at Clinton rally is likened to a Nazi uniform:

LadyGaga Nazi Hillary Clinton Campaign

The pop star spoke out to give the Democrat a boost, but her outfit raised some eyebrows.

By John Shammas | The Sun

POP icon Lady Gaga has been slammed for her bizarre outfit while speaking at a Hillary Clinton rally, as social media users likened it to a Nazi uniform.

The singer addressed supporters of the Democratic presidential candidate in North Carolina ahead of today’s election, urging them to get out and vote while also calling for reconciliation between Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s supporters.

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Speaking of her admiration for Clinton, the 30-year-old told the crowd: “No matter how absurd and mean [Trump] became, she smiled bravely and she continued on.”

She added that Hillary Clinton is “made of steel” and said: “If we are true, true Americans, then we must go from viewing his followers as our adversaries to viewing them as our allies.”

While her outfit was likened to that of a Nazi uniform, it was actually a tribute to Michael Jackson.

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