Hillary Clinton to be Indicted After Election – Donald Trump Responds to FBI Reopening Criminal Investigation of Hillary Clinton

by Franco on October 29, 2016

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton to be Indicted After Election

Donald Trump Responds to Announcement from FBI of Reopening Criminal Investigation of Hillary Clinton…

The FBI on Friday announced it is reopening its criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server, another shocking October surprise for the Democrat candidate just 11 days from the presidential election.

In a letter to committees and lawmakers relevant to the matter, FBI Director James Comey cited “recent developments” for the bureau’s decision to look into new emails which may contain classified information and how they may relate to its previous criminal investigation.

Hillary Clinton Drunk FBI Reopens Criminal Investigation

READ MORE: FBI REOPENS CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION into Hillary Clinton – Finds new evidence in Anthony Weiner’s phone and computer… Is Clinton campaign dead?

The Hoax Media “Journalism” Hacks Already Furiously Spinning Truth to Protect Hillary…

“It’s NOT my fault! It’s NEVER my fault!” Hillary Clinton

PRICELESS: Joe Biden’s Reaction to the #DickieLeaks Scandal of Anthony Weiner…

Hoax Media: Wasted no time to start spinning this like crazy…

POLITICALLY COMPROMISED: Attorney General Loretta Lynch Tried to Have Comey Spike this Story and Make it Disappear – Public Relations for Hillary > Justice, Law & Order

FBI MUTINY? Comey either released the new information and reopened the Criminal Investigation against Hillary Clinton – or his agents in the FBI would go public and leak it. #Justice


TIMELESS IRONY: Hillary Clinton Demands Comey Release Emails ASAP – after she was asked to do same and instead, deleted over 33,000 emails and physically crushed devices and computers, and bleachbit the rest of them – how ironic…

IT’S THE RUSSIANS! Comey is a PUTIN AGENT… it didn’t take Hillary campaign long to go back to their favorite deflection… THE RUSSIANS!

COMEY IS A PUTIN PUPPET! Hillary Campaign whips out their Putin card… again. (yawn)

How Quickly They Turned on Him… Hero in July – Satan in October…

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