Exposing How Massive the Democrat Loss Really Is

by Franco on November 12, 2016

THE DECIMATED DEMOCRATS: Exposing Just How Massive the Destruction of the Liberal Democrat Party Really Is…

The Democratic Party destroyed itself.

It’s truly hard to put into words just how utterly devastated the ‘progressive’ leftist liberal party is after the shocking and historic defeat last Tuesday when Donald Trump came out of nowhere (according to liberals drunk on the ‘main stream media’  and their fraud pollsters’ koolaid) and obliterated the coronation of Hillary Clinton.

So it’s hilarious, that the hard core leftists are actually doubling down on their campaign of accusations and protesting, rioting and demanding Trump “listen to them” and “console” them with belly rubs and promises of being nice etc.

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And it’s laughable that the exposed “fake news” so-called ‘main stream media’ is also doubling down on the only thing they have left to desperately get ratings and stay relevant: hyping up and inciting protests and pushing the same brand campaign on Trump as being “the cause” of all this because of his “hateful rhetoric” when in fact, the Project Veritas Videos and WikiLeaks emails have already proven to us just how deeply the collusion into the propaganda spin game was between the ‘main stream media’ and the DNC and Clinton Campaign.

They’ve shown themselves to be complete frauds, yet they keep their media manipulation going.

I think the main problem is that the liberals who are so busy whining, crying, throwing tantrums on the streets and what not, simply haven’t taken the time to truly study just how decimated they are right now.

So this post should help point them in the direction of real information (not their fraudulent ‘main stream media’ that is only desperately hyping up the protests in an attempt to get a trickle of ratings and hope to stay relevant) that can explain to them, just how epic this destruction has been.

First, let’s just take a look at the depth and width of the liberal left’s massive losses here…

Chris Cillizza wrote about the sorry state of the Democratic bench after Tuesday, pointing out that a bad situation got much worse with the Donald Trump-driven failure of the party at the polls. Think of a political party like an Army. To have effective generals, you need to bring leaders up through the ranks. If everyone keeps getting killed off on the first Tuesday after the first Monday of any given November, you’re not going to be able to win many battles. The Democrats gained two Senate seats — in a year that it was long assumed they would regain control of the chamber.

Since 2008, this is what the Democratic decimation has looked like. (Data sources are below.)

Two patterns to note. The first is that the Democrats surged into power in 2006 and 2008, winning seats in elections that would normally have leaned to the Republicans. So some of the losses since 2008 are a function of reversion to norm, light-red areas going red once again. The second is that federal and state races largely correlate. A good year for the GOP nationally tends to make a good year at all levels.

It can be hard to see the extent to which the Democratic collapse has occurred. Here is the percentage change in each case since 2008.

That whistling sound you hear is the party Thelma-and-Louiseing.

Two days after its candidate for the presidency suffered a stunning loss, the tension within the party became uncontainable. The Huffington Post reports that at a party meeting on Thursday, a staffer named Zach yelled at Donna Brazile, who took over as chair following the resignation of Debbie Wasserman Schultz this summer.

“Why should we trust you as chair to lead us through this?” he said, according to HuffPo’s Jennifer Bendery. He went on to accuse Brazile of having “backed a flawed candidate,” Hillary Clinton, and having “plotted through this to support your own gain and yourself.”

“You are part of the problem,” Zach reportedly said.

We tend to focus on the loss of the presidency as the example of Democratic failure. That’s blinkered. Since 2008, by our estimates, the party has shed 870 legislators and leaders at the state and federal levels — and that estimate may be on the low side. As Donald Trump might put it, that’s decimation times 50.

No wonder Zach got mad.

Second, it’s helpful to review and get a closer understanding of why Trump beat Hillary Clinton even though every single odd was stacked against him…

READ FULL REPORT HERE: Understanding Why Trump Won…

Thirdly, the “Main Stream Media” & “Professional Pollsters” who got EVERYTHING wrong – 100% discredited, complete manipulation and fraud campaign…

We should also take a look at just how massive the contribution of the fake news ‘main stream media’ was in helping Hillary Clinton lose in what will go down in history as the biggest defeat in United States presidential elections.

The media turned into a “fake news” outfit and Hillary’s public relations (propaganda) arm and they pushed so many hoax stories and ignored so much real news and information that the electorate completely revolted against Hillary and became extremely motivated to turn out for Trump.

Consequences for the so-called ‘Main Stream Media’ as the failing New York Times (Carlos Slim’s fake news blog) begs it’s dwindling readers to financially support it…

And now, the failing New York Times is so decimated that it’s literally begging its subscribers to “help it” by buying their fake newspaper after having completely manipulated their readers with fake news for the entire campaign.

The ‘Main Stream Media’ SO DISCREDITED that the “White House Press Corps” may be eliminated by the Trump Administration

READ MORE: It’s Time to Disband the White House Press Corps…

Why are Liberals and Hard Core Regressive Leftists Rioting in the Streets?

So, what do you think you get when a political party’s leadership chooses, unethically, to rig their own party primary process to steal the coveted presidential nomination and give it to a person who will go down in history as the worst, most corrupt candidate in the history of the nation?

The DNC stole the rightful nomination from Bernie Sanders.

And everybody knows it.

And then, the entire media establishment went on a full court press of fraudulent hoaxes, fake news, ignoring and censoring real news and data the electorate could have used, and at the end of the day, because of all the rigging and hoaxing, ended up losing the election in historically spectacular fashion and ending the political (racketeering) career of Hillary Clinton in utter defeat and disgrace… and all as a complete, blind-sided shock to her entire field of supporters.

Because the ‘main stream media’ was SO bad and the ‘professional’ pollsters were so rigged with fake polls, every single Hillary supporter went into election day, based on the data provided by the media and by the pollsters, with an absolute expectation that they would not only win, but win massively.

It was all lies.

And the house of cards, built on sand came crashing down.

So, is it any wonder, after the election they took to the streets to whine, cry, vent, protest and riot?

The media tells you the protesters are out because of Donald Trump and that’s why they’re rioting – but that’s not really true if they’d be honest with themselves.

The real reason and the real cause of their anger, shock, humiliation and venting really has nothing to do with Donald Trump and everything to do with their own Democratic Party Leadership, DNC, Hillary Clinton, the ‘main stream media’ who manipulated them with fake news and fraudulent reporting and the discredited “pollsters” who rigged their own polling and lied to them the whole way into defeat.

The level of manipulation and corrupt behavior that was exposed during this campaign has absolutely delivered a permanent, some say fatal, blow to the democratic party that has millions of people leaving and seeking other parties to affiliate with.

They’re probably going to have to start all over and rebuild their party from scratch with new people because I think they manipulated and fooled their supporters so deeply that it’s just not going to be the same there again.

You can’t do that to people and expect to take a couple days off and just double down and keep ordering them around with the same tactics. People will never allow themselves to be fooled and manipulated like that again.

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